Is this the truth about Libya?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by diesel, May 22, 2011.

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  1. I read this this morning and it answers a lot of my questions and puts everything into perspective, for me anyway. If it's true of course.

    I do certainly believe that there is an ulterior motive for our involvement here. Being interested in history I reckon you should read the whole dit (10 minutes) if you're bothered that is.

    Got it from a Telegraph blog. Lots of :plotting: and very eye-opening.

    Why the West wants the fall of Gaddafi? An analysis in defense of the Libyan rais*|*Rights monitoring

    The Mandela bit is intriguing.
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  2. Its written by a Cameroonian author and published in the Telegraph after being translated from French. An interesting article with a definte positive bias towards the authors continent. Some interesting snippets to chew over. Colonianism is all its glory.
  3. And to think that "we" were courting him some 18 months ago
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  4. It wasn't published in the Telegraph T126 it was a link in there comments pages. Being from the Cameroon the author would naturally write the article in French. It's from an international rights rag. :)
  5. Diesel, if that racist diatribe puts things in perspective then that is a bigger issue than the boll*cks the author was spouting!!. Whilst there are snippets of fact within the aricle, IMO, he extrapolates the norms of African politics and politicians to the "West". Our system is not perfect by any means but he makes sweeping statements based on a 280 year old theory of democracy and expects us to accept that by keeping the majority of the population in poverty, without luxury, Ghaddaffi was actually maintaining democracy. At the same time he completely ignores the widespread corruption endemic in many African states. The comments on the wealthy being elected and "the real power lies with the caste of the wealthy who then get nominated to be ambassadors, generals, etc" gives lie to his lack of knowledge of many Western democracies.
    As to the West waging war on Libya, he ignores the UN mandate and the "demand" of the Arab League (could be the GCC) for the West to take action. What were the African Union doing whilst the 3 North African countries went up in flames, oh yeh, nothing!
    At least it could have served a pupose if it was on paper.


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