Is this the sign Broon has cracked

There are several reports that the Prince of Darkness AKA Mandelson is returning to the cabinet. Hopefully he will have boosted his bank account well enough in Brussels not to need to fiddle the books again here. I must admit that in the middle of a financial crisis to employ some one who has had to resign a cabinet position twice for improper activities seems the height of lunacy.
The Princess of Darkness has once more returned to the balls-up?

How can we, as a nation, let this lying [proved] git anywhere near guberment

He has proved his nature several times already

In the mob that I was in, he would have been allowed to fall down several ladders before SNLR
Personally, I don't even begin to understand why this is a good idea.

For the delusional among you, take a wander over to, the audience is pretty evenly split between thinking that this means it's 1997 and everything's fine again, and the more realistic who are muttering darkly about cutting up their membership cards...
finknottle said:
Love him or loath him this is splendid news for New Labour, the return of the man with a brain the size of the planet.
Not enough of a brain to keep himself out of the shit on two previous occasions :pukel:
I admire your optimsim F_K but personally I think it's appalling news for the Labour Party and proof that they have finally lost their senses.

Just consider the fact the Brown hated Mandelson from 1994 onwards.

Brownite briefings to the press contributed to both his resignations (and let's leave aside the fat that he has hade to resign for impropriety twice).

There is a slew of Brown loyalists who have spent their entire careers since 1997 rubbishing mandelson and all he stands for. They are probably desperate enough to try anything at the moment, and are loyal to their boss, but they will be waiting for PM to slip up again.

All this quite apart from the visceral hatred that the man inspires in the average non-politically engaged person in the country.

Please tell me what you think Brown is up to because I can't honestly fathom it. Mandelson is a shrewd political operator, fine, Labour can certainly use that. Unfortunately he is completely inappropriate to the job in hand on every level. I have probably given myself away in other posts that I am not a Labour supporter but let's just try and look at this dispassionately for a moment.

Rightly or wrongly, Brown is doing ok in the current crisis (Iwould say wrongly as he caused it but let's leave that to one side). Through hard work he has managed to see his poll ratings move from abysmal to merely very bad.

At the very moment that he ought to be working out how to build on this he shoots himself in both feet by appointing to the Cabinet a man whom:

a)everyone hates
b)everyone with an ounce of political acuity knows Brown hates
c)the man in the street associates with the worst excesses of personal aggrandising Westminster sleaze (twice, remember).

I agree that he has somehting to offer, he did mastermind 1997. Let's for a moment ignore the fact that that was eleven years ago and the world has moved on. But the sensible thing to do would have been to take his advice from outside the government, not wave him in front of the people of Britian as a sign thatif you hang around long enough, you can be let back into favour and your crimes have been forgotten.

This has happened in all parties of course, but my point is it is Labour that is doing it today. The Labour Party need Mandelson back in a position of visibility like they need a hole in the head.
Oh and I'll for the sake of argument accept that the credit crisis is global, but if you'll grant me two caveats:

1) That Brown set up the regulatory regime which presided over a ten year boom of dodgy lending and seemed quite proud of the fact until it all went wrong

2) He spent all the money taken in tax over that period so that Britain is worst placed of all economically developed countires to deal with this global crisis.

We can argue about who knocked the first domino over, although I'll give you that it wasn't Brown, but he is the one that chose to play dominos.
finknottle said:
The country comes first not personal differences and credit where credit is due to Goggsy.
There are many who are no longer in Credit ue to your beloverd Goggsy and his actions. Ask many pensioners why their pensions are not as large as they should have been due to his theft by taxation :pukel:
Can't wait to see him and Fattie Prescott in the Lords together dressed in ermine!.
May suit Mandy but I can't see the ships steward being happy in his company,they hate each other.
finknottle said:
slim, are you taking anything for that incessant vomiting?
I've seen the specialist who informs me that the voiting will stop by 2010 or perhaps even sooner if Broon calls an election. :w00t:
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