Is this ship Jinxed?

Discussion in 'History' started by gollyman, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. Hello All,

    Back from sea, gearbox blown this time! We're convinced the ship is jinxed, anyone know of a traditional ritual to get Poseidon back on our side?

  2. shippers

    im afraid that I'll need a clue as to which grey funnel war canoe of death you are currently serving on.

    i haventseen an upper scupper for nearly 4 years and drafty has just re-extended me ashore

    if you want have some sea dits that i could nick i'd be very grateful. my neighbour keeps bragging about the £12 a day her huby gets for being at sea - bless her she can keep it
  3. Gawd knows mate, but you'd better get it fixed cos we ain't getting any new ones!
  4. Well, here's a list of the do's and don'ts for sailors. Maybe someone on your ship has committed a fcuk up.

    It is unlucky to start a cruise on Friday. This is the day Christ was crucified on.
    Never start a voyage on the first Monday in April. This is the day that Cain slew Able.

    Don't start a voyage on the second Monday in August. This is the day Sodom & Gomorrah were destroyed.

    Starting a cruise on Dec. 31 is bad. This is the day Judas Iscariot hanged himself.

    Black traveling bags are bad luck for a seaman. Black is the color of death and indicative of the depths of the sea.

    Never say good luck or allow someone to say good luck to you unanswered.
    If someone says “good luck†to you, it is most assuredly a bad omen and sure to bring about bad luck. The only way this can be countered is by drawing blood. A swift punch in the nose is usually sufficient to reverse this curse.

    Avoid people with red hair when going to the ship to begin a journey. Red heads bring bad luck to a ship, which can be averted if you speak to the red-head before they speak to you.

    Avoid Flat-footed people when beginning a trip. They, like red heads, are bad luck. The danger can be avoided by speaking to them before they speak to you.

    A stolen piece of wood mortised into the keel will make a ship sail faster.

    A silver coin placed under the masthead ensures a successful voyage.

    Disaster will follow if you step onto a boat with your left foot first.

    Pouring wine on the deck will bring good luck on a long voyage. A libation to the gods.

    Throwing stones into the sea will cause great waves and storms.

    A stone thrown over a vessel that is putting out to sea ensures she will never return. A sign of disrespect to the sea, dooming the ship and all aboard.

    Flowers are unlucky onboard a ship. They could later be used to make a funeral wreath for the dead therefore, becoming a symbol that someone could die on the voyage.

    Priests are not lucky to have on a ship. They dress in black and perform funeral services. They are a symbol of possible death and anything that makes you think of death or dying is a bad omen.

    Women on board a ship make the sea angry. A naked woman on board will calm the sea. This is the reason for naked figureheads.

    Don't look back once your ship has left port as this can bring bad luck. Looking back to port implies that you are not truly ready to brave the seas and complete your voyage, bringing about bad luck on yourself and the ship.

    A dog seen near fishing tackle is bad luck.

    Black cats are considered good luck and will bring a sailor home from the sea. While black is the color of death, and black bags or clothing are harbingers of doom, black cats are considered lucky on the sea. Mostly this is believed to be the result of the opposite effect of land based superstition, where a black cat is unlucky.

    Swallows seen at sea are a good sign. Swallows are a land based bird and seeing them at sea implies that land is near and your prospects are clear.

    Sighting a curlew at sea is considered bad luck.

    A cormorant sighted at sea is bad luck.

    Dolphin swimming with the ship are a sign of good luck. Killing one will bring bad luck. Dolphins are considered a sacred friend of fishermen, they have the good fortunes of man in mind and their presence indicates that you are under their protection.

    It is unlucky to kill an albatross. They host the soul of dead sailors and are considered to be an omen of bad luck at sea, especially if killed.

    It is unlucky to kill a gull. They contain the souls of sailors lost at sea.

    Handing a flag thru the rungs of a ladder is bad luck.

    Losing a mop or bucket overboard is a sign of bad luck.

    Repairing a flag on the quarterdeck will bring bad luck.

    Turning over a hatch will cause the hold to fill with seawater.

    Cutting your hair or nails at sea is bad luck. These were used as offerings to Proserpina, and Neptune will become jealous if these offerings are made while in his kingdom.

    Church Bells heard at sea mean someone on the ship will die.

    St. Elmo's Fire around a sailors head means he will die within a day.

    When the clothes of a dead sailor are worn by another sailor during the same voyage, misfortune will befall the entire ship.

    If the rim of a glass rings stop it quickly or there will be a shipwreck. Never say the word Drowned at sea.

    The caul of the head of a new-born child is protection against drowning and will bring the owner good luck.

    The feather of a wren slain on New Years Day, will protect a sailor from dying by shipwreck.

    A ships bell will always ring when it is wrecked.

    A shark following the ship is a sign of inevitable death. Sharks were believed to be able to sense those near death.

    A sailor who died from violence or being lost at sea was said to go to "Davy Jones’ Locker".

    A sailor with over 50 years of service was said to go to "Fiddler's Green" when he died.

    Whistling on the bridge is a no-no. You will “whistle up a storm.â€

    Cats carry lightning in their tails and can call the wind by sneezing. Anger the ship’s cat and it may call a gale.

    Sailors pierced their ears to improve their eyesight. A gold earring was both a charm against drowning and the price paid to Davy Jones to enter the next world if a sailor died at sea.

    Passing a person on a ladder or stairway is considered bad luck.

    If you have a boiled egg you must destroy the eggshell completely as witches would use the eggshell to sail to sea and cause a storm to wreck ships.

    A Boline, or white-handled knife, was the tool of witches and it was therefore considered unlucky to have any white-handled knife onboard.

    Having a banana on board was an omen of disaster.

    To say pig on a vessel is bad luck. It is derived from the belief that pigs can see the wind, and to utter the word aboard a vessel will cause the wind to blow. Other words were often substituted, such as Gruff, Little Fellah, Mr. Dennis, etc. Canadian sailors often have the tattoo of a pig on the knee, according to the rhyme: "Pig on the knee, safety at sea."

    It is said to be bad luck for shipbuilders to be on board maiden voyages.

    Whistling on board a ship is widely considered bad luck.

    Knitting hair into the toe of a sailor's sock will bring him back to you.

    Things are usually kept right-side up on board a ship, such as buckets and cans, for fear of bad luck.

    Friday is widely considered a day of bad luck at sea, however, Saturday is considered a good day to set sail.

    Horses appearing in sailors' dreams foretell of high seas.
  5. Fcuk me, that lot isnt mentioned in the joining routine!
  6. Did they all "wash their hair"that day to avoid that fate??

    Lucky theres no Wrens these days :dwarf:
  7. you dont mention -

    seeing a small dhow full of ragheads and a sh*t load of semtex coming towards is usually considered bad luck

    what about letting some a-rabs messing with your ipod is considered unwise
  8. of topic lamri,noticed your sig, just did two weeks on Cornwall, flew into belfast left in Tromso. Changed a lot since i served on her 97-2000. Nice to see theyve stuck her as far away from the rest of us, on 1 wharf. They still dont like you in Devflot do they.
  9. I'm not on Cornwall any more mate, mores the pity :)
  10. Fkcu me! Can you do anything onboard?
    Cheers for those tips, but again I think it's too late. May just resort to lots of rum tossed on deck, down the hatch and down the throat!!
  11. Are you on a type 23 by any chance?
  12. There's the anwser then, now that the RN are issuing everyone with large and small black back backs.
  13. Got to be one of those stinkin dockyard stanchions T42s. Explain to me why is it that only 23s and 22s are doing the gulf now. 42s are getting bloody apt, for a aaw ship pretty chuffing useless.

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