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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Scarface2009, May 30, 2009.

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  1. I need to build uperbody strength, some people have suggested that i use portein powder, its cheap enough, but some people say that it is rubbish and that you should stick to stuff like raw eggs and stuff like that

    if anyone who has the know how on this type of stuff? which is best suited or should i just use both?


  2. All chemical enhancers are crap, there is no substitute for building up your strength.

    They don't have a permanent effect either.
  3. Protein shakes are good, why do you think top class sports people take them, but they are only as good as the user.
  4. Going to the gym and doing some exercises normally helps.
  5. The only protein that Jack knows about is the sort they donate to the female of the species (in the main).

    Instead of asking that sort of question on RR I suggest you go to a forum such as this where you will get a more considered and and informed reply, or just do a Google search and a bit of your own research.
  7. Hey mate. Extra protein is only essential if you are giving your body a reason for extensive muscle repair as this is where its used and simply consuming the extra protein without extensive training will result in stinking p1ss as your body flushes it out of your system. So to bulk up you need to lift heavy weights in balanced low rep exercises, ideally with free weights and have plenty of rest. A normal diet actually contains more protein than your body needs and although protein powders do the job you would be better off gaining the extra protein in whole meal foods and oily fish as they come with extra nutritional benefits aside from the protein. I have been weight training for almost 6 years now and I hope this helps; I'm not a personal trainer so if you have a gym membership have a word with one to check what I said, this is just what after my own experience and enquiries over the years have found to help me. Good luck.
  8. What he said, although I would use a protein powder with a high level of whey isolate as opposed to concentrate, such as the 'Reflex' brand. More expensive but well worth it. I've been doing the exact level of workout with differing types of protein and the ones with the high level of isolate are by far the best. Natural foods generally don't present the protein in the most efficient 'processable' form such as this.

    EDIT: Might I add that you better be working ridiculously hard to justify using a high isolate powder, as the normal crap or even normal food protein will do while you 'learn'
  9. Ro77 is right, if you provide the pure stuff to your body you need to have the demand there through serious hard work or because your looking to sustain your gains. Because its pure your body gets worse at deriving it from normal sources, like vitamin supplements, if you take them too much you become dependant so tailor your diet proportionate to the need. I'm sure you'll work it out.
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  11. Lol,

    I was waiting for your troll comment "John".

    Surprised you haven't been banned yet, just like all your other alter-egos.
  12. Lol,

    I was waiting for your troll comment "John".

    Surprised you haven't been banned yet, just like all your other alter-egos.
  13. If you're lifting weights on a regular basis then you will need more protein than your average person. Protein shakes are just a convenient way to get high quality protein. You can achieve the same from food though.

    Whey protein is often considered to have a bio-availability rating of 105%. As foods are generally based off the egg, which was considered to be the best source, so they gave it 100%. I think chicken is something like 60%, though I'm not sure. This basically means what % you can actually utilise. So if a chicken breast has say 20 grams of protein, you're only likely to utilise about 12-15 grams. Whereas whey should in theory be 100%.

    Don't use cheap s'hit, you'll find it tastes nice but usually is full of sugar and a lower grade of concentrate. Which for many people will cause you to s'hit through the eye of a needle.

    Don't use raw eggs, just because Rocky did it doesn't mean it works. You'll get more from the egg if it's in a cooked state. It can even prevent the uptake of other nutrients for several hours.

    It's usually best to consume protein throughout the day, this helps keep you in a positive nitrogen balance, thus preventing you from going into catabolic mode.

    As for what types to buy, you will generally see two main types: fast or slow releasing. The fast ones will usually contain either whey concentrate, isolate or a combination of the two. The slow releasing types will also contain the likes of casein. Some like Syntha 6 obviously have 6 types, all there as they take different times to be digested. Starting out I would probably go with a basic whey, you can always mix it with a banana or something to slow the digestion down. And straight after training whey is usually considered the best option, though obviously there are arguments for both sides. You'll also see the more expensive brands using things like hydrolyzed whey, pre peptide bonds etc. Where essentially the protein is 'pre-digested' so you get the whey in your system even quicker. Unless you're very serious about your training I wouldn't bother.
  14. Im getting he hang of it now cheers, yeah the gym instructor told me about this

    cheers anyway

  15. If you scan about on their forums, you will see codes in people's signatures that give you 5% off your first order.

    Another good 'direct' seller is All-In-1 Not as many products, but still very good. Owned by Reflex as R077 mentions.

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