Is this really the best we can do?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by PompeyPusser, Sep 25, 2014.

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  1. I'd heard rumours about bumpy rides in the recruiting process, but it's getting ridiculous. I'm an ex-regular Lt who decided to join the RNR. I went to an RNR open day as required and they were very helpful but since then virtually nothing has gone to plan:

    A) Firstly, after I filled in the online forms it was wrongly recorded as an RMR application and I had to phone to correct them.

    B) My paperwork was then sent to the wrong AFCO, several hundred miles from where I live.

    C) I was then told that I couldn't join as an officer as I apparently don't have GCSEs, so I pointed out that not only do I have GCSEs, A Levels and a degree, but I've been an officer before, so I'm pretty sure that I'm qualified (as listed on my application).

    D) Once the AIB and NPT(Res) had approved my rejoining I was told that I needed to apply for SC, even though I had one lasting for ten years last winter. I did as I was told.

    E) I passed my medical but the doctor forgot to record it, meaning lots more emails between AFCOs to decide whether I was fit or not. Eventually they asked the doctor.

    F) A month later I got a phone call from a different member of AFCO staff to say that I had to apply for SC, so I mentioned that I both already have one and have applied for another as requested.

    G) The Recruiting Officer emailed me a few days ago to say that I will soon be joining a holding class to wait for basic training to begin. When I suggested that that might not be what I needed he agreed and said he'd forgotten that I was a rejoiner.

    I still have no joining date, over three months after being told that as an ex-regular things would be simple. Every single step of the way has gone wrong. When I joined as a regular the procedure was far, far simpler and much smoother, even including the full AIB process. If we really need lots more reservists can we (or, as I should still say at the moment, you) afford to treat applicants like this? I can't imagine how many lose interest after being pissed about for a few months...

    Apologies if I sound grumpy. I am.
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  2. I don't think youre alone. There's lots of stuff in the RNR section about this self same thing
  3. It is a long time ago now, but when I came outside I didn't even get as far with the RNR as you have! A total lack of interest. Seems bizarre that they do not reach out and grab any exRN and drag them in! I ended up as an Aux Coastguard instead
  4. What branch were you? When did you leave the RN?

    Never mind being a reservist, my new Navy wants Lts in these branches if within 5 years ...


    medical officer/doctorLT/LTCDR
  5. Isn't that a list of the last redundancies?

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  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I feel the pain. Some hopefully helpful pointers where appropriate, in blue.

    The frustration is appreciated, it's a pain.

    There is a seamless transfer into the Reserves for those that apply to transfer before actually leaving the service. It negates the need to undergo any administrative actions beyond filling out form L005 - available from the UPO:)

    Once outside, trained individuals must unfortunately undergo the full hit. Contrary to popular belief, those with former service actually have more administrative hoops through which to leap than those without a Scooby.

    Good luck with the rest of it.
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  7. Thanks ninja_stoker. I did apply for RNR not RMR and I did list my qualifications! I filled in the separate application form for ex-regulars but by the time my application reached the AFCO I was also listed as a new entrant, so somewhere in Capita's process the data has been transferred between forms and mistakes have been made.

    Also, my recent SC was for my role as a CCF officer (though I've no idea why it's required for that) so it's still extant. The latest contact wasn't a reminder to complete the paperwork, it was a different Chief saying that we need to start one, even though I submitted it all five weeks ago and it's listed as submitted and underway on the DBS website.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sounds a complete 'mare. Possibly you were snarled-up in the transfer from paper applications to online applications, which occurred on 01 June. Either way not a good experience - not that it counts for much: my complete sympathy.

    If it was full SC & still valid , the SC can indeed be transferred:
  9. Thanks again - I just tried phoning the AFCO about that but their phones aren't working, apparently, so I phoned another. It sounds like they probably didn't consider transferring it because I'm currently a civvy and "civvy companies get annoyed at the MOD transferring SCs that they've paid for." Of course, though I'm still a civvy, my current SC was done through the Army, so that wouldn't be a problem.
  10. Ninja, as soon as you mentioned capita, the problem was obvious. From the grumblings I'veread on the AR's issues in recruiting on ARRSE, the MOD didn't tell them they would be handling all the MOD applications until the contracts were signed and thus they were caught offguard and unawares, resulting in a huge back log and delay in applications, leading to many loosing intrest in joining- Pusser, it does seem your not alone, but least you have some incling of what the service is like for organisation skills at time and we all know when services get privatised they go down hill, I wonder how for that will get.
  11. Northern-matelot, thanks - I hadn't heard that about Capita. Still, I guessed that there might not be many of them dealing with applications when I phoned twice in two days to correct things in their emails to me and spoke to the same bloke both times!

    To be honest the more disappointing bit has been that the admin hasn't run any more smoothly since they handed my application over to the RN!
  12. NM, I seriously doubt that they did not know the requirements before signing the contract. The obligations and expectations of both parties (MoD and Capita) will have been well and truly detailed in the contract, and the contract will have been examined in detail by legal and business professionals on both sides before it was put for signature. Capita on the other hand have a history of failing to meet requirements, under resourcing projects and down right botching things, how they still manage to get government contracts is beyond me!
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  13. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I was speaking to a former colleague of mine who now works for Capita and he says that they are doing a great job and any delays are not their fault! The plan is in place and working. When I asked him about numbers getting through the recruitment process he was less than forward in giving any details!

    The really weird thing is he also holds a commission in the TA and is a sub-unit OC.
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  14. "You cannot serve both God and Mammon." Apparently you can...
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  15. I, fortunately have had very little to do with Capita, but friends and family who have do not have a good word for them, problems range from getting appointments for assessment for DLP (currently standing in excess of 12 months, unfortunately this one is close to home, as it is the wench who is waiting for an assessment) to not getting wages into bank accounts (friends and family who work at Sellafield)
  16. Claiming my £5 for having worked out exactly who you are,* it gives me absolutely no pleasure to remind you exactly what I said on Facebook the other month wrt joining the RNR. Having said that, you've still got further than I did.

    *Apologies if you're not, but I'm pretty sure. Stanton St John mean anything to you?
  17. Comparing your previous service experience & rank to the fiasco you're now experiencing you'd be better off giving the whole idea a wide berth, & channel your efforts into something that's properly organized/funded, from the reports that are coming through the situation isn't going to improve anytime soon.
  18. They'll blame it on Capita but the truth is it's epic badmin from all parties concerned - Captita, the RNR and the AFCO.

    I applied to join the RNR in December 2012 (pre Capita). I too am an ex regular and it took a whole year to get through the recruiting process. Every single step of the way was a massive headache. Frankly it's not worth the hassle.

    Once you get in, the badmin continues. It took 3 months for them to issue me a service number (my old one), which meant no pay. After 6 months of going to the unit I still hadn't been issued all the basic rig required on the kit list.

    By far the most disappointing thing of all, once I'd spent an entire year jumping through hoops, battling to get my old rate back and not have to do Raleigh again, I discovered that there was actually nothing to do in the RNR.

    Save for a few sailing weekends, there was not a single branch training weekend available during the entire time I bothered to drag myself into the unit.

    Literally nothing. I tried booking a few courses like ISSC but was told the waiting lists are over a year long. I contacted some ex regular oppos to see what the crack was and to see if there was any way around this. Using the old boys network, I found a workable solution which would get me a place on ISSC and even managed to jack up a 4 week stint for myself, doing a useful job on a T45, which would fall perfectly during some time I was off work.

    The RNR refused to let me go, because "it's not the way things are done."

    I spent 4 weeks instead doing some overdue DIY jobs on my house, while my old oppo, the Chops(M) on a T45, was down a lad in his department when they needed one most.

    I stuck it out for a few more months but the most excitement the RNR could offer was a map reading weekend followed by some more sailing.

    I walked after that.

    Just to clarify I was an AB1 in the sea res branch (who's job is force protection) and I did not once see, let alone handle or fire an SA80 during my entire time in the RNR.

    The RNR is absolutely nothing like the Royal Navy - save for wearing the same rig and loosely following some of the same rules and procedures, I can find literally zero common ground. If you want to go dinghy sailing once a month and get free use of an average gym, crack on, but if you're looking for a way to do something useful and worthwhile, look elsewhere.

    It really is bollox. Do yourself a massive favour and join the Army Reserves instead and cash in on the generous cash bonuses they are currently offering and serve in a place where your previous service is valued.

    I'd hate to see anyone who's served in the RN go through the massive ball ache and disappointment I was subjected to at the hands of the RNR.
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  19. Did the RNR ever ask for your feedback? Is there anyone here from CMR or the wider RNR who would like to comment?

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