Is this Nails?

I can confirm that according to the Police National Database, whose contents were accidentally uploaded into the Wiki rather than to the Editor of the News of the Screws..... that yetti is indeed nails.

Perhaps his mum would like to adopt some "orphaned" baby matelots up to and including the Old and Bold. I've heard a buzz that Janner is hunting for a large O boat complete with extended drinks cabinet (taking up half the boat), bunk space and galley (usual size) for the Ex-Submariners to meet in. I am sure he'd happily accept one as a birthday pressy in return for naming it HMS/m Jordan. :)
Well, I know what a GILF is, but what the hell is a gym?

Even more importantly, why is a wannabe pilot talking about such horrible things? Has no-one briefed him yet?

I need to go and get a beer or two......................
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