Is this Madeline?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Remember the 1st reported sighting of Madeline came from a holiday maker in Marroco, could this be her?

    For her parents sake, I hope so!

  2. Fake…

    render down the Maddie Poster picture in Photoshop and…


  3. That possibility crossed my mind as well. I wonder if the image is still in the camera memory? but even that wouldn't be conclusive. If this is a hoax, it's a bloody cruel one.
  4. If it's a hoax then it's a bloody cruel and horrid one and the person involde should be ashamed! However, if it's a real one, please let it be a crappy real one!
  5. Why would a woman in Morrocco be carrying around a young girl who the world are searching for.

    Heard a tale last week about this spiritualist who talks with the dead often this woman was singing her praises on how good she is. I said go ask her to ask the dead where Madeline is then I will believe her.
  6. Morroco and North Africa have a problem with child labour. Unfortunately, it is a place that children are abducted and taken to, sold to families for child labour or those families who can not have children.

    My hubby was telling me they've always had a problem over there with it. However, the people 'adopting' the said children, 9 times outta 10 don't actually know they are illegally taken.

    Also, consider that certain or a majority of places in Africa are not adapted to how we live. A TV or radio is seen as a luxury, which many families are unable to afford.
  7. The reality is that child stealing and child slavery is endemic in almost all poorer countries, not just Morrocco and North Africa.

    In poor societies children are a valuable commodity, they can work and earn money and they are also your old age pension. Equally when people are poor they will do many things we would not, like say looking after a child for some one ofr a period until the heat dies down.

    The odds are that this regreatbly is a false alarm possibly deliberate, but unless we follow sightings like this through we will never stand a chance of finding her, or her body.
  8. Friend of mines sister lives in Morroco and when they visit they were told to keep their young daughter who is blond close to them at all times.
    This long before Maddy went misssing.
    Aparently they are highly thought of for whatever reason and kidnaping is a real risk.
    They keep her well covered up and her head/hair more so.
    I am not saying that they are all like that there but the risk is there all the same.
  9. I always wanted to know why wasn't the first sighting of maddie in Morroco followed up? No one seemed to have actually scouted the North part of Africa. I know it would have been hard, gaining access from each government but still, if your child went missing, wouldn't you do anything to get him/her back?

    Instead the McCanns went to visit the pope, visited the US, sat on the TV, appeared in Magazines and took a good couple of million from raised funds. Now, at which point, did they persue a child hunt in a continent that is supposed to be high with child abduction????
  10. We don't know if it wasn't.
  11. But if it was, why wasn't it made public? I still think this all smells a tad fishy to me.
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    As for the photo being a fake, the Daily Telegraph reports the name of the photographer and her comments on the circumstances in which the photo was taken. A hoaxer surely wouldn't deliver the photo to the (Spanish in this case) old Bill and give her name.

  13. Depends on the assessment of whoever actually did follow up, if anyone. I'm not a believer in criminal investigation by media so I don't really believe there is significant value in keeping the tabloids in the picture.

    I have my views on the progress, but as I'm neither a police officer or an abduction specialist I'm not in a position to speculate.

    What I do know is that frequently the glare of publicity doesn't help reach a satisfactory outcome.
  14. This I agree with, therefore, had the McCanns made the best choice by splattering this all over the front pages and such?
  15. I'm not a parent, and have no intention of ever becoming one, so I'm not in a position to comment on their decisions.


    I've kept well out of this discussion up til now for a good reason. Just wanted to highlight that there is porbably a reaosnable amount going on that we don't know about.
  16. What I mean is that if this hadn't been made as public by the McCanns, would there have been more of a focus on finding their daughter, rather than fighting off the press?
  17. We often see things, or our eyes trick us into seeing things we want to when we are desperate, such as mirages. I am sceptical.
  18. From the Beeb News Website

    "A blonde girl photographed in Morocco is not missing Madeleine McCann, according to journalists who met her.
    British and Spanish reporters claim to have traced the girl, pictured being carried on a Moroccan woman's back.

    The London paper, the Evening Standard, says the girl is a five-year-old from the village of Zinat
  19. This confirmed on a BBC news bulletin I've just heard online.

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