Is this just kicking up a fuss for the sake of it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. I heard this lady on the Steven Nolan (Radio 5live) show last night, she was calm and dignified.

    She said that when the scroll and the medal arrived and she noticed the name was wrong, she called the MOD and they told her to write in. WRITE IN? Good grief, this is someone who gave their son for this county and the MOD could not do better than that? Even better, could they not have got it right in the first place.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Fcuk ups happen. Not as if it's done on purpose is it. I'd imagine she needs to write in to create a paper trail so it can be corrected. Not as if no-one has ever been told to put something in writing before if they have a problem.

    Ding Ding. No seat required here thank you.
  3. NMC

    Not just the medal - <<She said when her son's coffin was flown back from Iraq the wrong date of birth was on its plaque.>>

    In her breavement she has double the right to be upset as both cases show a crass lack of attention.

    If you cannot hoist that in then I despair for you.
  4. And, frankly, YES it is a life changing error - for the rest of her life in addition to coping with the death of her son she has to remember what a bunch of usealess ********* the MoD was and they couldn't even get simple things right
  5. I know it's a silly mistake, but those involved in such things really should take more care. It's the same as Gordo mis-spelling words in his letter, it's simply attention to detail. And it's not like there are thousands of Elizabeth crosses being given out.

    I believe someone should be disciplined over this. If I made a similarly 'silly' mistake on a JPA claim I am certain the powers that be wouldn't be so understanding.
  6. This is one of those things that should never go wrong, there should be people to double check these before they are signed off and made. Remember the Team it works.
  7. I occasionally recieve pussers and mod mail where I have also gained a middle name. Thus far I haven't been bothered enough to correct it. It's just one of these things, a mistake on a record somewhere.

    I agree with Wet_Blobby. A mistake but not a reason for rabid outrage.

  8. Happy to accept slack routine are you? If so then perhaps you are as just as 'bad' as those who let these crass errors slip through (TWICE for this Lady).

    Rabid Outrage? Where did you see that? RC said: "I heard this lady on the Steven Nolan (Radio 5live) show last night, she was calm and dignified."

    The only 'outrage' should be directed towards those with a 'not bovvered syndrome':

    Were you never taught to 'get it right' yourself in the RN? You should have been.....

    Standards? :roll:
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    So where does the outrage bus start from then?

    The Engraver who obviously couldn't give a fcuk, the clerk who sent the details, the occifer who sanctioned it? or perhaps the company that packaged it or the postie that despatched it ?

    Thank fcuk I never got slotted in this day and age. My dogtags had one of the letters of my name stamped into them backwards, did me for most of my service till we all went American and got metal ones. Don't know if they'd of ever ended up with my parent but I'd of felt a right cnut if they had. Especially as I was the one to punch the details on them.
  10. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    !She said that when the scroll and the medal arrived and she noticed the name was wrong, she called the MOD and they told her to write in. WRITE IN? Good grief, this is someone who gave their son for this county and the MOD could not do better than that? Even better, could they not have got it right in the first place."

    Seems fair enough to me - you can't prove on the phone who you are, and for all the Medals Office knew, it could be a wind up, malicious or journalists trying to score a story. While it is hard to write in, at least the Medals Office would know that it was a genuine request. (MOD is indundated daily with lunatic phone calls)

    This is a sad story, and yes someone has made a mistake, but its not worth getting outraged about. The MOD has turned round and said sorry, she is getting a new medal, and I'm sure the person that did the engraving feels pretty shite right now. What is going to be gained by embarking on a jihadi outrage?
  11. Edited to add, no it isn't!!

    IMO, what many that excuse these mistakes seem to forget is that this isn't a driving licence or a bill from a water company. It is an official document, and in this case medal, from the MoD, that employed their now dead loved one, carried out a significant level of G1 paperwork before deployment and for repatriation. It is easy to dismiss it from the comfort of not having been in that position of grief, anger and emptiness but quite another for the unfortunate widow, mother, etc. It is another example of the directing authority making a crass, unnecessary error for which they would hang out of an underling. It gives the impression that things that are important to a loved one, like the name of their child, husband, etc, was not important enough to get correct.
    From a personal perspective; like many on this site and ArRSe, over the years I have known or known of many that have died or been killed. Last year my brother died unexpectedly abroad. I went to that country to sort his affairs and deal with the coroner’s office. They did what they had to and eventually I was sent a draft report. I was quite literally shocked to see his sex put as female, not because I was particularly disturbed personally but because I knew the effect that this would have on my mother, still struggling to come to terms with his death.
    It may not be Earth shattering or life changing in and of itself but it happens at a life changing time for those receiving it. It is avoidable and it is simply WRONG.

  12. :sign6: :sign5:
  13. I do get it right and I don't accept slack routine. The simple fact is that there are far greater things to concern myself with than the fact that I have gained a middle initial when I recieve a MOD questionnaire.
  14. At the end of the day mistakes do happen no matter how hard one may try to get it right. It does however seem to be a fact of life in modern society that more and more of these silly errors creep into what we are doing. What really matters is that we sort out these cockups when they happen. I tend to agree with WB that the request for the complaint in writing is part of the process. Perhaps though the poor serpent she spoke too could have handled that bit better.

    Yes the bottom line is it is a poor deal, and it would seem could have been handled better. Yes it needs to be sorted out and pronto but it should not be worth the fuel for flashing up the outrage bus.
  15. I agree with IMD. This is symptomatic of the slack standards that abound in all walks of life these days. I have always checked the detail and checked again, before sending out information, greetings cards, condolences, or any other document that contains personal details. I would be acutely embarrassed if those details were wrong, so do my level best to make certain that mistakes do not happen. It's the same modern disease as the ill informed journalism that is evident in BBC news broadcasts and documentaries. No one can be bothered to check, no one is responsible. Lack of proper education, lack of attention to detail, lack of interest.
    And yes! Were this a member of my family, I would be outraged!

  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Oh for fcuksake get a grip.

    Someone unintentionally, without malice or agenda fcuked up.
  17. As opposed to the good old days when all was well.

    The unknown soldier? Things were great years ago..........
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Hey, your on to it.

    I was slim, swarve and shared STDs then.
  19. We seem to be going around in circles on this one; but TWO avoidable errors have occurred at the worst time imaginable.

    Under any other circumstances not a big deal; but TWICE for this poor Lady does appear particularly crass and is also newsworthy when added to the recent furore over Brown’s error-ridden condolence letter.

    Ref the Original Question. - No.

    ‘We must do better’ is now (hopefully) being taken on board by all of those within the loops concerned. Standards.....

    No Jihad, no Outrage Bus, just very SAD, especially as some here appear to write it off, being ‘not bothered’. Hypothetically, perhaps their loved ones would feel very differently if similar mistakes were to be repeated in the event of their own sudden demise?

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