Is this good enough for Raleigh?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ja5on, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Breville Extra Steam+ first look review
    The Breville Extra Steam+ 2400W is an eye-catching new iron that is claimed to give clothes a cleaner, fresher finish because a nanosilver coating on the ceramic soleplate helps to destroy bacteria in the fabric.

    The nanosilver used in consumer products is often a coating of tiny man-made silver particles that can release even smaller particles of silver that are toxic to bacteria. However, it’s not clearly explained in the packaging or instructions of the Breville Extra Steam+ how effective the nanosilver used in this iron is at killing bacteria, or why antibacterial action would be of any benefit to your clothes.

    We haven't tested the Breville Extra Steam in our lab yet, as it's just been launched, but we set it loose on our laundry to bring you our first impressions.

    Overall, we were satisfied with the quality of the ironing. The Breville Extra Steam’s soleplate runs smoothly across fabrics, but we weren’t convinced that the ‘supreme glide’ claim is entirely accurate — you can clearly hear the soleplate passing over the fabric, giving a tangible impression of resistance.

    The Breville Extra Steam produces a lot of steam, particularly when the tank is full, and growled its way through our ironing. The noise and the amount of steam were a bit intimidating, and we had to be extra careful to avoid catching our fingers and body in the steam.

    We can’t yet give a definitive conclusion on the Breville Extra Steam’s cleaner, fresher clothes claim. We still noticed the scent of residual sweat from some of the well-worn clothes that we ironed, and it’s not clearly explained in the packaging or instructions why antibacterial action would be of any benefit to you or your clothes.

    We had to refill the Breville Extra Steam four times during an hour of ironing on the highest steam level. The opaque purple plastic of the water chamber makes it difficult to see how full the chamber is without peering closely. A blue light illuminates when you're running out of water, but it’s positioned at the bottom of the Breville Extra Steam’s handle and isn't easy to see.

    It's quite difficult to prise open the thin cover that protects the Breville Extra Steam’s filling port, but it has a nice big hole that makes it easy to pour in water and you don't need to tip the iron to fill it.

    Pros: Produces a lot of steam, good ironing results

    Cons: Hisses and growls as it irons
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Deary me, very interesting I'm sure.

    Personally I'd suggest anything over 25 quid is likely to cause heartache when someone knocks it off the ironing board.
  3. Perhaps the hissing and growling will deter thieves, kind of like a recording of a dog barking..... :lol:
  4. :lol: . No.

  5. Ja5on do you currently work for QVC or Pricedrop TV?
  6. Sod that, just bully the Mess scrawny twat into doing your ironing for you and will be hunkey dory. :D
  7. Absolutely not good enough. Avoid anything with nanosilver, and all blue lights that illuminate anything. However, the nice big hole may come in handy.
  8. Absolutely not :roll: :roll: :roll: Will not do for making TOAST :lol: :lol:
  9. Dear me, what are noobs coming to o_O Bless :)

    I still use the old iron my mother bought back in the early 1950s... Yes it's older than Ninja Stoker! It has an old shiny black Bakelite handle, a green temperature light on the side, its original polished steel baseplate and a cord that looks like well worn rope! It gets hot, has an excellent thermostat and it doesn't go kaput, like my earlier, newer steam iron did, when exposed to the starch I used to stiffen my shirt collars and cuffs. It doubles up, when upside down, as a drying plate to drive the alcohol out of Numount when I am preparing slides at home (the sort used with microscopes) and on its hottest setting can make toast! I think it cost 25/- when it was made. My mother earned £200 a year back then. o_O

    With a water spray you can dispense with the steam iron.

    Better still, get your younger sister to iron it for you when you're on leave for two shillings. An oppo at work used to iron her older brother's kit when he was on long leave from the G Spot for 2/- for the lot! My grandad's brother used a wooden rolling pin when he was at the G Spot.
  10. Don't messdecks still have coal stoves for keeping the nozzers warm and for toasting muffins infront of? o_O
  11. Yes, but only in the Jennies Messdeck
  12. Can you wedge it upside down between your bats and re-heat last nights chogey/indian?

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