Is this free degree the golden ticket?

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by GASH_DITS, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys

    Just about to submit my notice and will have done six years as an MA. Thinking about uni as i have A levels and using this brand new free degree promise from the government.

    Is there anyone out there who is considering doing the same or has already has made a start ?
  2. I'd be wary of government ptomises, it has only been announced, may be years before you can (a) qualify, and even more before (b) you can actually get on a course.

    In other words don't bank on it helping you if you want out now,
  3. Just as a matter of interest, which particular subject are you interested in doing at Uni?
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Gash Dits: Consult your Resettlement Office/Education Officer to discuss Enhanced Learning Credits, which you can use for higher education, even after you have left the Service... :thumright:
  5. Just as there is no such thing as a "free lunch" I suspect that the "ree degree"promise will not be all it appears - the devil will be in the detail, as always (just look at Broon's budgets). Even if they pay the tuition fees you've still got to be able to live off something while you're studying.
  6. At the moment this is definitely the best option. You can use ELCs for up to 10 years after you leave. The main pros and cons are:-

    If you use your ELC while you are still serving the qualification you take has to be with a registered ELC Training provider and has to be shown to have some benefit to your job.

    If you leave it until after you are out there are no restrictions on the course you can do but your are taxed on the money you get.

    I would take any "new" scheme announced by this government with a large pinch of salt. I think they may be trying to re-announce the ELC scheme and make out that it is new money for the Forces.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good advice, but: understanding is that if you are in the last 5 years of Service this does not apply, and you can use it or any vocational qualification. I stand to be corrected, however. :wink:
  8. No matter how you do it, go for a good degree (i.e. not Meeja Studies) and, as an ex MA myself, good luck.
  9. Enhanced Learning Credits. The sting in the tail being you have to have registered to receive them! If you did not (and a lot of people could not be arsed), then you have dipped. Courses need to be booked through a list of approved suppliers. These are listed on the ELCAS website.

    The website is not user friendly and be prepared to jump through many hoops to get your dosh.

    Have a nice day
  10. looking at international relations with politics or history with politics, but do wonder whether it will lead to a good job after as i dont really know what i want to do with my life yet as i'm only 24.
  11. I was very surprised when it was announced that the government was going to assist serviceman with further education grants to assist resettlement as if this was a new improvement to conditions of service.
    When the Open University started in the 70s all of my course fees for the necessary 6 credits for a first degree were all paid for me by the RN. The MoD also paid my Summer School Fees and allowed me go on duty for 2 weeks per year for 3 years to get the six credits for a first degree. As there were no higher degree courses with the OU in those olden days I enrolled for a second BA series of courses which were also paid by MoD each year. I didn't actually complete the 2nd degree as, after a long battle, I was eventually allowed to take early retirement to attend an MSc(Eng) studentship at Imperial College that I had enrolled for even though I was told I'd have to wait a further two years before I could retire.
    Despite this battle with MoD, which lasted best part of a year and I was informed a few times by the powers that be that I would be deserting by accepting the studentship. I retired with the full pension entitlement for my years of service and then received a TOPS grant from the government for my post graduate year.This grant covered all of my course fees and basic living costs in student accomodation in London in the 70s.
    What on earth has gone wrong with resettlement conditions, since those days?
  12. Could it be something to do with the fact that a shower of cheats, sleight of hand merchants, con artists, inflated allowance grabbers, liars, and others under the general umbrella of "New Liabore" have been in office?


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