Is this allowed / legal

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by fishmiester, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Clearly the seller does not have much of a brain then, would not want him doing my electrics!
  2. If it's now in private possession I would have thought so??

    But how did this guy get his hands on it 8O
  3. worrying thing is I am sure it is my old one from about 8 years ago :?
  4. I know someone with a PLR who wouldnt mind it - minus the invincible stickers though.
  5. To make it illegal you would first have to prove it was stolen property, then prove the person who was selling the items knew or reasonably suspected that they were stolen. A charge of Handling stolen goods would be much easier to prove than the theft.

    Don't all these tools have a little arrow stamped on them anymore. Then they are stolen cos. the tools were only ever lent while you served and never sold on under any circumstance. Hence if you have an item with a stamp it was stolen back in the bad old days.

  6. Lots of pussers tool are sold as scrap. In the old days they were then sold in surplus stores. If you were serving and bought them (quite legally) you had to retain the receipt or could be charged with theft. After I left as a civie working on ships for british aerospace i always made sure that my toolbox did not hold ex pussers items. try telling the mod plod that you bought them 5 years ago and have since lost the receipt, for some reason they don't want to believe you
  7. At my train maintenance depot alot of our brand new tools are engraved with arrows and NATO SN's by the manufacturer ( but they are draper crap not snap-on).
  8. Many moons ago when i was at HMS Condor, RNAS arbroath, it was a Tiffy training school, they had their names stamped on all of their tools. If they failed the course, the tools would be sent for scrapping. We had a tame Jack Dusty from whom we would buy the tool box and contents for Thiry Bob, He would deliver them to the station, avoiding the MOD Plod, from where we would collect them take them home and flog them for a Fiver, nice little earner as they say.
  9. A lot of the old surplus clothing was much better than this Chinese crap that is in the stores now. I think at one time half the population had a denison smock or equivelant. Russian spy must have had a seizure!!!

    A&N Stores once told me long ago they don't sell ex military stuff anymore reason being it last's to long.

    Of course many will disagree with this will they not.

    I had a ex Korean padded jacket and it was excellent kept me warm on the farms tractor. What happy days through the window ventilation and that delightful metal seat where you felt every bump and stone and I am sure it was that what caused my bleeding piles.
  10. "Is this allowed / legal"

    I will let you know. The GS IPT hand tools commodity manager is currently looking into this.

    A lot of the current RATS are compartment and/or task specific and if a set is superseded, the old one often has no further application. On those occasions, the stores go to disposal by sale.
  11. This is a bite, everyone can tell its fake, if it was a real pussers tool kit, half of the tools would be missing, especially the long red!!
  12. There is a market for pussers stuff out there. ebay is full of it and the chances are that at least some of it is hookey.

    Bring on the crushers!

  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Investigations have commenced... :wink:
  14. sgp

    you are obviously taking a break from arresting royal down the strip for being drunk

    I had the fun of watching a hip company in the avondale on wednesday, when the reggy entered he got a real BOO

    all reggy have failed in which ever branch they started in
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Is that it? Wrong Forum... back to sleep, zzzzzz. You're on RR very late, aren't you? Wassup? Get blown out last night, did you?
  16. Why not simply ask the seller the question via Ebay?
  17. Showing your greeness there, that would be far too easy, and not generate as much fun.


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