Is this a vote winner.....or a suicide note ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Flagdeck, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. If Labour really wants to win the next election it needs to do two things, ditch gash, aka Ed balls (nobody likes him) and draft a relief for Ernie (of Sesame Street).
    It really looks as if those two don't want to win.
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  2. Its been said that come the general election, Cameron has two aces up his sleeve............and they're both called Ed. :happy3:
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  3. I wasn't aware "Business chiefs" ran this country.
  4. Seriously? Blimey.
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  5. Well, now you know! :cheers:
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  6. They don' was MSN news reporting.........but just to balance things.......this is the BBC response...

    [​IMG] Ross Hawkins Political correspondent [HR][/HR]
    Labour called it a tax cut for millionaires.
    The phrase helped paint their picture of a privileged Conservative leadership keen to help the best off.
    In fact, Labour didn't put the top rate of tax up until shortly before they lost the general election.
    The government said cutting it back to 45p cost the exchequer a relatively small sum.
    Today's move will enthuse some Labour supporters, particularly those disappointed Ed Balls hasn't committed to reverse more cuts.
    But the party can't know whether voters at large will see this as a fair change, or - like the Institute of Directors - a "political gesture".
  7. Ed Milliband can barely string a coherent sentence together. The day he is my leader, is the day I renew my long dormant US passport and get the **** out.

    His bro would've been a much worthier candidate.

    Luckily the Labour Party and their supporters are *****, so we don't need to worry about the vaguely credible Milliband brother ever making a stand again.

    Who the **** is Ed Balls?
  8. A smarmy cnut of the highest order
  9. You should join the Labour party.
  10. I almost agree but I take issue with the superlative, "highest".
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  11. Use a word of your choice, best response gets a free ticket to the Labour Party Conference!
  12. Shittest! Is that a word? If it isn't it should be, "most shit" is so cumbersome, so clunky. Wait, is clunky a word? If it isn't it should be.
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  13. If I win, in the interest of charity and bonhomie you can give my ticket to 2-deck.
    I like to help people feel at home:thumbright:
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  14. His old boss, Gordon Brown, was called the 'Cowdenbeath Clunker' by Tony I think 'clunky' is apt.
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The 40 % rate is bad enough. After a generous tax free allowance all wages should be taxed at the same amount say; 20% on £10 000 is £2 000. 20% on £100 000 is £20 000. WTF should £100 000 attract tax of £40 000, 10 times the pay, pay 20 times the tax? Fair? I think not.

    Tax avoidance is legal. No wonder people use every allowance and loophole to avoid it or have some of it returned. Then spend it on booze, fags, cars, stuff and pay duty and VAT. Win win.

    One rate for all.
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  16. Being legal doesn't make something morally acceptable.

    The slave trade was legal. The hollocaust (yes I know, thingy's law) was legal. The conservative party are legal.
  17. The slave trade wasn't legal in the UK inasmuch as it wasn't enshrined by statute. It was illegal under common law, so I've been led to believe.
    Mind you, I have been led to believe many things that have turned out not to be true.
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  18. Balls and Milliband have yet to achieve their destiny which lead the Labour party into the next general election and lose it by a country mile

    (quote nicked from some other politician referring to Haig IIRC - hey ho, what goes around comes around)
  19. As opposed to a nautical mile, which is a tad longer.....but you knew that already. :lol:

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