Is this a sane response to the West?.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Even the Sun newspaper wouldn't have printed a thing like this.

    Russia has said it is ready for a new cold war.

    They then make childish responses like this:


    Putin is stirring it up and re-indoctrinating the Russian people against the west. The paranoia that this stupid 'I am bigger than you' attitude of the leader Puting has no justification, why would we want or need to invade Russia.

    He obviously thinks that he now has enough of the gas supply to hold Europe to ransom and treat it anyway he wants.

    There is no need for a link as it is everywhere you google.
  2. In reality that is just the response the Scum would have given, have you checked to see if this redtop is owned by Murdoch.
  3. We're safe here in Fife, Maxi. If the Russians invade they wont have anywhere to park their tanks, unless they arrive in Pikey caravans
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  4. No pikey caravans where I am, though I would have thought Ivan would have parked up at that big bit of tarmac near St Andrews, or have the pikeys already taken that over.
  5. There's nowhere to park full bloody stop, considering this island is sinking under the weight of knicker-crusty Eastern Block scum pouring in with their TB and other lovely contributions. Unless the Ruskies can cough up the extortionate rates of parking charges, they may as well stay put and do what Russians do best. Look fcuking miserable and get hammered.
    'Tis just history repeating itself. Russia's boundaries have always expanded and retracted. Putin's the last in a long line of ********* who feel the need to strut their stuff and for what ? A crappy state of internal affairs all round.
  6. My first thought on seeing that picture, "Sunski".

    I do not believe that we have a monopoly on cheap sensation seeking journalists. The Russians appear to have learned a lot from the West. However not all of it was worth learning.
  7. Well this will be one Russian journalist that wont be murdered in her bed by by the hard line commies, they must have sanctioned it to be in their not so free press.
  8. Starting to think that all these East European workers we have over here are actually special forces sent over to infiltrate us.

    The damp proofers we had recently all had AK47's in their toolbags.
    They told me they were mastic guns!
  9. I beg to differ: it is the West who is indoctrinating the Russians against the West - by supporting and uproving Saakashvili's child killers.

    P.S. I liked the picture though :)
  10. Of course our alcoholic 'special relaitionshit' matey across the Atlantic has very little to do with this situation!

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