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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Morty, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys, went to fill my Navy forms in today, then the lady asked me if i do any fitness i said i dont do any at the moment but i used to do boxing. the lady told me to exercise for mouth then go back and fill in the rest of the application form in, i mean i not mr universe but i am not and fat **** neither, i admit i need to get fitter is it normal for the navy office to have told me to come back a mouth after if the waiting list is already 22 months to join. thanks
  2. if your waiting time is 22 months why didnt you have the common sense to just say yes knowing you have the time to get your fitness up to scratch?
  3. Dunno. Probably just don't want to waste their time.

    And this:

    They told him he can't apply for another month :roll:
  4. i just dont understand why they told me to come back in a month if it take 22 months to join
  5. you have to pass to 1.5 mile run before they process your application
  6. is that straight after you submit the application form
  7. after i passed the rt i done the medical fitness and interview on the same day about a week later.
  8. You have a medical first and then your PJFT is after that.
  10. Morty

    Can you give us an idea as to who this person was pls (no names though)?

    Would you have said that she was a CA2 or CA3 in an AFCO?
  11. i dont know what you mean :lol: :lol:
  12. Was it the boss or was it not the boss?
  13. is it a rank
  14. well the fist time i went to the office it was a marine then when i went today it was this small women, she said shes not usually at the office. bit confusing huh
  15. Your reputation probably preceeded you and when she saw you coming she decided to fob you off. Good move on her account.
  16. have you got a problem drakey
  17. What part of the country are you in
  18. north west
  19. The visible section of the Careers Advisor structure in the Royal Navy is comprised of CA2s and CA3s and sometimes their civilian admin support.

    A CA2 is an Office Manager type and the CA3 is his/her second in command. In practice, if you met a CA2 and a CA3 together, you would probably only know which was which by their name badges. Both of them will have spent yonks in the Royal Navy; you can't be a CA unless you have.

    I'm just trying to verify that you have been given advice by someone who is properly authorised to give Careers Advice to candidates. I'm not sure you have.

    A CA1 (Area Manager type) is someone you will never actually see, as they retire to secret apartments at the back of the Careers Office during the day, where they recline on chaise longues and are fed grapes by nubile young slave girls.
  20. How does one get such a job?

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