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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Coalition plans to cap benifits at £500 per week fcuk me thinks Stan not a bad idea seeing as the average wage down here in pointy head land is less than £20k a year, but no Paddy I'm a knob Ashdown says we need to re examine these figures. Fcuk me am I an idiot how the fcuk can someone on benefits earn more than an honest family trying to bring up their children when some fcuking individual chooses to have 6 fcuking kids with 6 fcuking fathers and expects me the taxpayer to pay for her/their lack of responsibility.
    In the 60s my old man was out of work didn't pay the rent for 6 weeks end result lost the house me and brother go into care dad got work still gave the landlord more than mum but we ended up with another house.
    Put the kids in care they will probably get a better life in that environment than with the skanking mothers, it didn't do me any harm merely focused me on doing better for myself.
    This really is a piss take ffs most of these losers arn't even British
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  2. Ignore Ashdown, he's just a failed pollie trying to grab headlines and let the world know he's still got "the touch", as an ex-booty and SBS he's still wearing dresses.
  3. Met the cock last year handshake like Anthony Gaylord being SAS doesn't mean he did fcuk all
  4. Careful that sort of statement can land you in the mire, it does get you cordially asked to leave QPR`s ground when shouted at a steward.
  5. Serves you right for watching that bunch of tossers trying to kick a ball

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