Is this a Government About Turn?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. I certainly have no objection to a 'national day' and perhapsif the government as ever is wary of upsetting bg business by having another bank holiday we should scrap May Day which is in concept divisive, and substitute the 25th of July as this is the day Jimmy 6 & 1 was crowned the first king of the United Kingdom
  2. As one who has observed developments in UK for quite a few years I suggest it is far too late to consider the matter of national identity . Even those who are/were part of the United Kingdom want partition so what chance is there of the numerous other races sacrificing their culture to become ' British '. I would love to see that happen of course but it is a case of shutting the stable door etc , sadly .
    I believe Bliar will occupy that place in the history books of the man who ,single handed , achieved what all the great generals failed to achieve , Napleon-Hitler etc , the destruction of Great Britain as a nation . I sincerely and regretfully believe the situation in the ' Old Country ' is beyond the point of no return . I suspect many who are still there realise and accept this with quite a few ' abandoning ship '. Sad for those like myself who experienced childhood with pride in belonging to this powerful empire only to witness the disintergration .
    I honestly consider this a realistic assessment of this proposal , the about turn , as surely the moron who suggested it must know , politicians , spit .

  3. Couldn't agree more. I'm sick and tired of politicians jumping on whatever the fashionable band wagon is. Forget Great Britain day, there IS no more Great Britain, only a Britain that is not a United Kingdom any more.
  4. Problem with this is!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think Maxi_77 is right; if we are going to have a National Day, mag 1 May and insert the Monday closest to 25 JUL. Whether that would bugger up a traditional holiday period or not I don't know. In the old days of Wakes Weeks, it would certainly have made Stockport Wakes a bit complicated (but them on Oldham Wakes would have had an extra day)!

    I think that Lamri and Hobbit are also right that the Regional Assemblies may have diluted our Britishness. I also think, though, that this is a minor point. The bulk of the indigenous population seem to be OK on being British. The ones we should be looking towards are the long term "visitors". As an aside to Brown the humourless' grand plan, whatever that might be, it would be interesting to see how the non indigenous respond. It may identify those who really belong here.

    I see the entire thing as an empty gimmick. What's the point unless we actually teach our heritage and principles in schools and the wider society? When I was (sic) a lad, we knew we were British and why. We didn't need to crow about being British because we just were. In fact, crowing about it wasn't very British at all.

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