Is there still recruitment?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by awsomeo, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Hello there, im a long time lurker on the forums, and i must say the information on this forum has been incredibly useful for research into navy life and how to prepare for the various hurdles of selection. I have had my initial chat with my AFCO in Brighton and am hoping to compete for a place as an aircrew officer after my A levels, with an AET as a agreed fall-back.

    I have my aptitude test booked for November 1st,

    As of this morning the news was not very reassuring with the hairier force and arc royal scarped alongside 5,000 other jobs.

    I phoned the office and they politely told me "Let us handle the SDR and you prepare for your psychometric test" , and your fall-back still has a 24 month wait which fits me well for when i leave 6th form.

    My question is weather its safe to accept the man's advice and breath a sigh of relief for my potential future carer is still recruiting?
  2. Yes - accept his advice, what choice have you got? Unless of course, you don't want to join up...
  3. Hi There....

    I visited my local afco today and was told waiting lists have increased and may well increase after todays cutbacks.

    The waiting list for Writers has been increased to 33 months and that was the shortest one.

    Gutted as I am 34 and now too old for the Navy.
  4. What advice did your CA give you?
  5. Hi awsomeo!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    Yes, it is safe to accept the man's advice; look at it this way, why would he give you bad advice and why would he waste his time testing you if he knew there were no point?

    My advice to you: Prepare for your psychometric test.

    This thread is useful:

    PS Don't like the sound of that "hairier force" :lol:
  6. Hi soleil

    I spoke to my Afco last week, I sat my test in february and didnt get my original choice but was offered Warfare Specialist Submarines... I was told to think about it or get a Maths course done and resit etc...

    Done the Maths course but When I spoke last week I was told a RE-SET had to be done, so I went today and asked about this. I was told that I couldnt re-sit because of me being 34 now and will be 35 in January, my original choice had a 33 month waiting list and I asked about Warefare Specialist and was told the waiting list was longer.

    In essence I am now too old to re-sit or accept the offer I was given, would be 37 plus when training was to start.

  7. Does that put you over the hill as far as RNR is concerned? I know its a second choice option if you qualify but better than nothing.
  8. I think I might know your potential future carer. :D
  9. Hi Rumrat

    I was thinking of the RNR, it may not be fulltime but at least it is still the Royal Navy.

    I will look into it and maybe speak to my local Afco and see what they say. It's a sad day all round for the Navy.
  10. I think the hairier force are probably the Taliban, but the WRNS drivers may have given them a run for their money had they not been scarped years ago.

  11. Well someone certainly has a high opinion of themselves 8O
  12. Ha!

    Splendid :D
  13. Well spotted :D
  14. Aye, it's not an ideal situation is it?!
  15. K640

    I meant for the Navy as a whole, the way it has been treated by the PM etc... we have the best Navy in the world and we have been kicked below the belt.
  16. The Royal Navy is indeed the best navy in the world, and the British Army is the best army in the world.

    Edit to add: And will remain so.

    Shit happens though.

    Second edit for severe literacy failure.
  17. Yeh I know mate. The comment was intended to be tongue in cheek.
  18. Aye. But whose cheek? 8)
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Age limits for the Naval Service have not changed, but if the trade you're joining has an age limitation it refers to age upon entry, not at time of application.

    Therefore if the wait to join a trade means you'll exceed the age limitation upon entry then unfortunately, you cannot join.

    It's not a change of routine, it's always been the case.

    Recruiting continues as before until we're told any different.
  20. Hers?

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