Is there somewhere I can still watch Officers and Gentlemen?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Harrup, Aug 5, 2013.

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  1. This: Officers and Gentlemen - TV Shows on History seems like a great insight in to training at Britannia and something I'd like to watch before my sift interview/ AIB.

    But the history channel doesn't seem to be showing it anymore and it doesn't seem to be out on DVD. Anyone seen it online anywhere?

  2. I had a nightmare trying to find it, they showed it about two weeks ago and I managed to get a friend to sky plus it. It is well worth watching but I failed to locate it anywhere online.
  3. Pretty sure in Soho you may find a peep show cinema where men in dirty raincoats go if you search hard enough:compress:
  4. It is available on demand from sky. I downloaded it to watch it again. It is also available periodically on the channel H2

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  5. I don't seem to be able to find it on Sky on demand- would you be able to give us a link? Thanks!
  6. Like I said, I couldn't find it anywhere - fingers crossed you succeed where I failed!
  7. Sorry, was replying to Boab1994- didn't make that clear!
  8. I know. I failed to make it clear that I was referring to Boab's post in that despite my best efforts, I couldn't find it On Demand. I was wishing you luck in your search because I simply couldn't find it anywhere.
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  10. Funnily enough I emailed the history chanel about this asking if they would thnk about putting it on demand as it is quite popular with various on this site and others for an insite into BRNC. The reply I got was

    "Thank you for showing interest in the History channel you can watch the History channel on sky and virgin and BT "

    Er great help there then lol.
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  12. Did anyone ever find a copy to watch online to buy the dvd is £23 which seems a bit steep. Also anyone know how long the episodes were ?
  13. The episodes were of 60 minute duration when shown. But extract the advertisements probably nearer 45 minutes.
  14. Here are the episodes in full:

  15. Thanks for that Robbie. I hadn't seen the program but enjoyed watching it. Things have changed a lot :D
  16. For better or worse?
  17. Some 6 months or so ago my wife and I were invited to a splendid dinner at RMA Sandhurst. Gone are the days when the young cadets were feckless sons of the not too bright well to do. Most officers today require technical expertise-- so it's necessary to recruit the intelligent boys and girls from the Comprehensives. That's where they mostly come from. Mess etiquette was rather lacking on the evening but the piss-up afterwards hilarious. It occurred to us that only those Cadets from our former Colonies retained any of that old "je ne sais quoi". Their Knife, Spoon and Fork skills exemplary.
  18. Purple_twiglet

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    Out of mild curiosity, your drugs - do they curb or enhance your delusions?
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  19. I think a bit of both. There certainly appeared to be less 'pomp and ceremony' (which I think has its place in somewhere like BRNC) and it looked to me like the rounds standards were lower than 'of old'. I also gained the impression that a lot less time was spent mucking about in boats on the Dart, which I think would be a shame. I think the H&S people have taken a LOT away from the fire fighting and damage control courses, even if it does mean they get to wear nice, white, dry fear nought suits instead of wet black things soaked in diesel oil :) Some things seemed the same like the PLTs, tramping across Dartmoor and picket boat exercises and I'm sure the 'professional subjects' stuff is all the same (rules of the road are rules of the road). I think the 'militarisation' phase is a good thing and getting out on the range would do the RN's reputation no harm when it comes to actually picking up a firearm and pointing it in the right direction. I also think the regular fitness tests throughout the forces are a 'plus' and the increased emphasis at Dartmouth about not being lardy butter slugs will help in the future. In other words, they did a lot more 'military' training than we ever did and that is a definite improvement.

    Ladies in trousers, not being called WRNS and with gold, instead of blue stripes.........I think I'll stick to being a silly old git and recall a nicer uniform :)
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  20. Pontius
    You forgot to mention that WRNS wore sussies!

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