Is there no justice?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by seafarer1939, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. Yesterday I was booked to play at a small Edinburgh club,Keyboard etc in the car and off up the A1
    At a traffic stop along pulled up TWO red Ferrari's each with a stunning blonde in the drivers seat!
    The one next to me had a white halter top on and looked the business.
    I didn't mess around,quick as flash I bent out of view and inserted my two missing front teeth and casually leaned out the window of my Citroen Picasso and looked at them as if to say “An ex-Matelot is waiting†they just roared off!
    I figured out later maybe it was Clarkson and Hammond in drag! but if it wasn't!
    I'm only 70 years old with prostate problems but is there no Senior Citizens justice in the World?
    Another crap/irrelevant post but I'm bored as the wife is talking all the time about gardening and wondering what our 7 kids are doing.
    As if care,they are off my hands and that works for me.

  2. Dam right Seafarer, I once wrote to Kyle and asked her if she fancied a dirty weekend in my oppo's caravan in Clacton, and you know what?
    she blanked me.
    I hate ingratitude, I'll never ask her again, it's her loss.
    I've still got all my teeth (well a few knocked out at the back fighting), but with my own hair and my tandem, what do they want?
    I even treat women to a couple of half's on a first date.
    I took one out one night and spent £3.00 on her,.. but I don't mind she had a great time so I don't begrudge it. :D
  3. Your are forgetting the cost of all the condoms used in that £3,they can add up to quite a bit,especially the ones with little gadgets attached.
    In my day it was a cut off pigs intestine that worked or an old rubber glove,or if it was Pompey Lil or big Sylvia a bit of inner tube from a Cortina.

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