Is There Much Of A Waiting List For Pilot?


Just About to start my A-Levels in a couple weeks and was wondering if my predicted grades were up to standard how long i would be waiting as it seems a very specialised role within the Navy?


I assume you are on about joining at 18 straight after you finish your A Levels? It's obviously your choice but I would seriously consider joining as a rating, just looking through your profile you seem pretty set on an Officer role but the AIB isn't like the physcometric which you can just turn up an breeze through. Even if you do pass, you are in direct competition with everyone else there as far as i'm aware, so a pass doesn't guarantee attending BRNC either.

That's not to say that it's not possible to become an Officer/Pilot without a degree, life experience etc just that there are plenty of great roles for Ratings that you could start the process for ASAP and do your A-Levels whilst you are waiting,