Is there going to be any ships left?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rolling-stone, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Are there going to be any ships left?

    Been waiting 1yr already for CIS branch, and it seems the majority of ships have/are being decomissioned this year.
    Seriously, is there going to be anything left by next year. What hope and opportunity is there for new recruits in todays Royal Navy? 30k people, divided by about 10-15 ships is surely not going to equal much sea time..

    Starting to consider the Royal Signals, what do you all think?
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  2. Pedant mode on: It's not 'Is'. It's 'Are' as in 'Are there going to be any ships left?'
    Pedant mode off.

    Now to answer your question, Yes, probably, but not in the Royal Navy. Allow me to lol. Ho Ho Ho.
  3. Join the Army, it's better. Signals is full of bumders and slackers though and you may wish to try something more extreme (AGC for example).

  4. Soz Polto, was that 'Are' as in 'Are' or should it have been 'Arrrh' as in the nautical. Either way I bet he'd get an awful lot less seatime in the Royal Signals (innit Bro) :evil3:
  5. Should probably be AARRRGGGghhhhhhhhh!!! because we'll all be on the social pretty soon!
  6. language skills aside, he does have a point!
  7. In answer to the thread title question....... Ask Dave
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Cunto makes a fair point. However, if you really want to be the best, go for Pioneer (RLC) which is one up from Green Slime.
  9. That's a dirty trick you bounder! You are supposed to just bite, not get all fucking clever!
  10. Well known fact the fine men and women of the Royal Engineers are truly the greatest of all :-D
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  11. Any ships left? Larboard surely?
  12. all new entrants will most probably be on the new type 55 destroyers

    [​IMG]this one just needs a poorly maintained AK47 please donate to the MOD now
  13. The PM said by the end of the decade the will be "Type 26 Global Combat Ships" in service, my question is why can't they just label it a 'Frigate' instead?
  14. Shurely shome mishtake mishter...
  15. Or resurrected from the 70's
  16. Not much positivity here regarding the navy. I was so set on the navy, then the Ark went, then all the destroyers start getting decomissioned, start losing on patrols like drugs in the caribbean..

    Whats everyones' view of serving in the Army here? All negative? There seems to be some really good technical jobs within the Signals which is what appealed to me.. Maybe i should take this to Arrse.
  17. Don't take the comments too literally, most (if not all) is tongue-in-cheek.
  18. If you look longer term and more optimistically, by the time you're in and fully trained you're looking at 2015+, so five years in and there'll be loads of ships, Carriers, all the 45's, the new 26's. Honest. No really there will.


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