Is there any hope for me?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Teech, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. I chose my own iron and board wihout seeking prior advice/guidance (guesss that rules me out of officer then!).
    The time it takes me to do the 1.5 mile is very dependant on the number of pubs there on this measured run.
    The number of push ups I can do is also dependant on the above (standing upright only of course. Just in case you're wondering that's to open the pub door).
    On the positive side, I pass the fitness test on a daily basis (that is if walking to the car without being out of breath counts as a pass!).
    I always wear my hair short. Not to conform to Pusser's or anyone else's regs but cos when it gets to a certain length it kinks.
    I forgot to ask anyone if it was ok to join up merely told everyone important I was going and waited to see if there was anyone left.
    Despite all of the above if I were young enough do you think they would still let me in?
  2. Please accept my deep felt sympathy. You have obviously realised that making such an important decision as buying an iron and ironing board without obtaining prior advice has debarred you from that RN occifer training establishment. Actually making decisions is constitutes an automatic bar for occifer selection. Your training regime of practising push ups against the pub door will of course go in your favour, however having money to buy a round will debar you from the course. Remember an officer enters the pub first, but arrives at the bar last. A trained occifer will arrive just as the keen to impress arse creeper says "whats yours sir?".
    However all is not lost, I feel that it is well within your remit to join the RN enjoy the lower deck.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I feel you lack true desire, you have failed to mention what size bag to take or if you get leave. Sir, you are not worthy.
  4. :pukel:
  5. No mention of iPods either, is this a wah? Have I bit? DOH!!
  6. Bags, is it, now?

    My advice, buy a good leather one at least 36 inches/90 cm long, with good pockets and strong handles.
  7. I believe that old bags may be obtained at reasonable prices in Darby Rd Southampton. Though things may have changed in the last couple of decades.
  8. was going to pass comment.. then realised it was wind.. sorry......
  9. I guess I should get rid of my Tesco's bags for life then Joe
  10. Nooooo take them with you Teech my lad, no relation to Black beard I hope the RN did for him long ago, they will come in handy to line your hoofin' girt boots that Pusser will supply you with and help to prevent blisters.
  11. Ahh, but as you are not going to BRNC, you do not need to spend all your cash on buying the best there is available only for it to remain in your attic for the next twenty-five years!
  12. Tis ok NZ I don't have to worry about the Ipod as I had to sell it to buy the right bag.
  13. Leave in training Blobby Noooooooo way I would intend to at least finish my first shore draft before even considering handing in my notice!
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    But you still fail to show true grit, no enquireys about "how far is 1.5 miles if I run it" or "do I get my own en-suite room"

    Back trooped for failing to show enough interest. :thumright:
  15. Not too much Slim, they've migrated about half a mile to Empress Rd Trading Estate (back of Bevois Valley Rd) and Radcliffe Road, where Siemens has built a spanking new Traincare Depot where I work.

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