Is there an age limit to go to sea?

I was just wondering, as I'll be joining soon to go in Submarines and I'll only be around 16/17, if you join under 18, are you confined to stone frigates, or can yo actually go to sea?
Joined my first ship on my 17th Birthday, went to sea the following day! I think the skipper got paid extra as he was my legal guardian, not sure how true that bit was though. However, this was in 1984!
The average application time is 12 to 24 months. Plus you will have 10 weeks at Raleigh followed by specialist training of a few months followed then by Submarine training, so even after you've joined you won't get on your first submarines for a good 12 months. So I would guess you are going to be over 18 by the time you get to sea.

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As stated above, you supposedly cannot deploy operationally until 18 & would be landed if the ship is sent to an operational theatre.

You can join a seagoing ship from age 17 - if you can complete selection & training after joining on you 16th birthday!

You can theoretically join a non-operational ship (refit, docking & essential defects, etc) from age 16 but a Tardis would be required to achieve it.

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