Is there a way to join the Royal Navy if I fail the recruitment test.

I am looking to join the Royal Navy and have failed my recruitment test once all ready. If i fail the 2nd time is there any other way to join up..........
Well I am back at collage to get my maths and English up as they are what held me back... See what happens in a year then....
If you google 'rt' there are loads of helpful hints and tips for revision :) if you prepare then i am sure you will be fine, my maths is shocking and i somehow passed.


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For those with a degree in theology or nursing, the recruiting test is not required for the former & there's no pass/fail mark for the recruiting test for the latter.

Rumour has it that the pass/fail element for those academically qualified for Officer entry may soon be abandoned but there's nothing in writing to suggest this will happen.

For everyone else it's two strikes & out.

The test is basically the 11+ but faster.


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Does that apply for engineering, if you have a degree?
Does what apply? If you have a degree in theology and or nursing AND an engineering degree and want to join as an engineer officer, will you be excused the RT or have to sit it but not pass? Is that what you are asking?


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It's weird with nurses.

Graduate nurses joining as ratings sit the test but there's no pass/fail mark. Graduate nurses joining as officers must sit the recruiting test for officer.

In my experience, qualified nurses tend to be quite switched-on in any case.

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