Is there a marine "look at life"?


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Hello, i am 16 years old and i am stuck between these three:
The Rifles (1 Rifles).
The Royal Marines.

I have already been on a look at life with the Rifles, and plan to go on one with the PARAS. But on the RMC website I cannot find one anywhere.
Does anyone know of any? All feedback welcome.
Thanks in advance.

For fute reference this is not Taffd it is his son Terry.
The Royal Marines are now a secret society, you cannot join unless you have an Uncle Fred who knows................................well sorry can`t tell you that, The Paras do not jump out of Airplanes anymore, cos of cost, however my advice, and don`t hold me to this, is to join The Rifles(1 Rifles) whoever they are, do you have a link? And are there Two Rifles?




Lantern Swinger
To find out about the Rifles go onto then go to British army structure, then onto corps and regiments, then click on infantry, then to the left click on infantry regiments, scroll down to the bottom and click the rifles, and your on it, the one rifles work closley with the marines anyway, but seriously. Does anyone know of any look at life courses, or at least any advice to help me choose between the three?
A look at Life in the Royal Marines.
Work hard,play hard, bring your own roll mat.
Train hard, Fight easy then get the wets in.
Do your dhobi (Washing, self and kit before you go to the NAFFI, Mess, or to bed still covered in cam cream/dirt you picked up in the field.).

If you want to soldier properly join the Paras (Spit) or the Royal Marines if you want to have your Regiments role changed whenever it suits the MOD join the Rifles.
3 or 4 (I can't, quite frankly, be bothered to check) at least, amalgamations/changes of role in the past decade for the Light Infantry must knock the old morale a bit and give ossifers conniptions in trying to think up new reasons why the constant change is so good.
Why the feck do young thrusters equate the Rifles with the Maroon and/or Green gronk shagging machines.
If you want 2nd best you know which door to choose.
all I could say with either 1 you go for.... is prepared to get wet and bloody cold... it sounds daft but it does get to you so much, I remember going in army training and on leave your own bed and house is like warm as anything... but seriously its all hard work and takes alot to pass out.
That must be the most pathetic name ever for a Regt "THE RIFLES" Salvation Army has more of a swing to it.

I keep hearing this about the paras not jumping anymore. Are they still passing through Brize at No1 Para School. Friends son from 45 recieved his wings couple of weeks back. Is it just booties jumping these days?
If you contact your nearest RN & RM Careers Office, you will find that they do have some Look at Life courses available. The other option is to apply and attend the PRMC as this will give you a good look at the Marines and them a chance to look at you.



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