Is there a line??

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by jjp23, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Morning chaps.

    Question for you all - You are with a bird and it turns out she is into all sorts of kinky stuff, is there a line where you think, woah this is mad and to far?

    The reason i ask as i had a strange one this weekend. I am all up for abit of percy filth but i think i may have a limit 8O .
  2. What kind of "kinky"?
  3. 0800limp dick will be the solution to all your probs young thruster. :roll: Jeez you can't manage one of the wrist with a photo of Amy Whinesnout and your bird expects you to do 'kinky' stuff. You probanly draw the line at doing it with the lights on you twunt! :evil:
  4. Well, without going into to much detail it turns out the mrs likes abit of pain for pleasure. Now when you are just having a quiet night in with a takeway and a film and she reveals a 6ft whip, hot candle wax and want's to be hit and stuff it came as a bit of a shock considering i was sober.

    I must add my question does not stand if you are drunk because we all know anything goes then :wink: .
  5. It's way better with the light on i find.

    I hate amy crackwhore with a passion and i think i included her in the people we would like to decapitate with a shovel thread. However, if i did decapitate her with a shovel i would throw one off over her then. :roll:
  6. I draw the line at fat birds and animals otherwise anything goes, scat and all.

    Actually especially scat.
  7. Tie her up with the whip, pour hot candle wax in her eyes and then punch her lights out. You can watch the film in peace and then do her when she comes round and is still groggy...simples
  8. Liking your style.

    I held my own but all in all it was interesting to say the least, she is a bloody nutter. I feel it went well considering yesterday she made me a big sunday roast, refused all offers for help from me and insisted i sat on the sofa watching tv whilst every so often providing me with a nice cold can of beer. It was bliss :D .
  9. Her address and 'phone number being?
  10. I thought someone would ask after the last post, name and address:

    Ima Guddern
    69 Fine Bush Lane
    Bell End
    GR8 5EX
  11. Girly girls don`t usually like this sort of thing….
    Check carefully for a meat and two veg….

  12. So he caught you out as well then
  13. You bastards, she didn't really nip to the shop the other night did she?!

  14. NO !!!
  15. All women enjoy a good hiding, when they cry and beg you to stop it's just their way of asking to be punched harder.
  16. Let me get this right

    You get to use the whip and candle wax on her, so no pain for yourself!!! and she enjoys it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She cooks you a sunday roast, lets you watch the TV and brings you cold beer!!!!

    Why are you asking the question??????????????? alls fair in love, war and sado masochistic sex
  17. Almost mate, she wanted to start whiping me and said i wouldn't be able to sit down for a week when she had done, that is the point at which i thought 'oh sh*t'.

    The rest of it isn't a prob, infact it's good untill she wants to hurt me :roll: . I was just wondering if other people have found the line where they think it is to far.
  18. Make her sign something saying she agrees to getting smacked about otherwise the first time you fcuk her off she'll be showing off her bruises to the police. Once you've got that in a safe place knock back a six pack of Stella and give the kinky bitch what she wants!
  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Does she like being strangled? Some women do apparantly. God tells me to strangle prostitutes and he rewards me with flashing lights in my eyes and music in my head.
  20. I'll do her for you mate. I reckon I could give enough kink to either kill her or convert her into the bleary-eyed, rocking-back-and-forth kind of wet blanket you'll prefer.

    I had a GF who used to come if you let her lick your eyeballs. That was some crazy shit, and it ended when one day she nearly sucked one of my eye ball out. Knocking her out was a bit of a downer to the love.

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