Is there a future for the RN WO2?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by yicker, Mar 31, 2009.

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  2. Yes cos it pisses off the Crabs!!!
  3. Yes 'cos it caps CMEA's/CWEA's at level 7 and saves money
  4. Of course there is. The navy wouldn't have implemented it if it wasn't a good idea! :shakefist:
  5. Well I reckon (from a WE standpoint) as soon as some CPOET(WE)'s come through having done the CPOET(WE) course and a ship (FF/DD) has 4 qualified WE HOGs, the WO2WE can go. What about the other branches? Anyone?
  6. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    It would difficult to get by without an ME WO2 on FF/DD. The WO2 or charge chief as was holds a charge ticket (MCQ), ie he is allowed to run the plant at sea. To give that qualification to only one HOG gives him an advantage in the selection process for WO1. ME's need something between CPO and orifice and I can't see them using WO1's to do the job (cost far too much). I'm not saying that it can't or won't happen, but I think it unlikely that it will be done without some from of replacement rate. There's also the added problem of what to do with all the serving WO2's, they can't bust us all back to CPO and they certainly won't make us all WO1's.
  7. Didn't even know we had WO2's in the RN until I read the AET thread!!!!!!

    When did that happen? :?
  8. TBH, I think their use should be expanded. The Warfare world (and loggies to a lesser extent) saw themselves off a treat by refusing to join in!
  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    About 8 years ago. When pay 2000(1) came in.
  10. Charge Chiefs essentially so ME, WE, AE, Comms Techs and Med Techs.

    And fwiw I agree with AtG.
  11. From what I can remember of 1SL's discussion at Collingwood around 4 or 5 years ago he mentioned that WO2 would eventually be right across the board and the WO1 jobs would be the D1 appointments such as EWO, with WO2's filling other posts such as Divisional, branch specific in some areas etc.

    No idea when or if it will eventually happen, but I agree that the Warfare missed a trick with it really.
  12. Karma

    I could be wrong, but not sure if there are any WO2MTs. I know MAs go from CPO to WO1- I assumed Med Techs were the same. Have only known 1 WOMT and he was a WO1, before he retired.

  13. Has the rate of CPO been "downgraded"? I realise that I am a few years past my sell by date, but when I took my pension as a CPO(A) and subsequently joined the TA, I was awarded the rank of WO2 as the army equivalent of CPO. Now the RN has WO2s, is the CPO equivalent Staff Sergeant?
    Just a matter of interest.

  14. There's a couple of schools of thought though regarding the widespread introduction of the WO2.

    1: To introduce it accross the board would increase the total number of RN WO's (1 & 2) astronomically and be unsustainable.
    2. The non-Tech personnel I've spoken to do not want the additional hoop to jump through.
  15. I don't know what happened in practice for MTs, I just recall seeing them washed up with the other technical branches. Didn't there used to be the odd Charge Chief?
  16. Really???

    i would rather be a level 8 CPO Caterer, it has to be better than being capped at level 7, hoping to be a Charge Chief
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not sure why you were made a WO2, CPO is, and always has been, equivalent to staff/colour sergeant.
  18. I am sure you would considering the huge disparity between 'your' pay and that of a Warfare CPO on the same level mate. :evil:
  19. The question should be changed to :

    Is there a future for the RN WO1?

    There is currently a review of the WO job being conducted.

    Lets be real the there are many WO1 jobs that a perfectly good CPO or WO2 could easily carry out with the same expertise, especially in the Warfare world.

    There will still be some need for WO1 at key positions and these posts would be reagardless of branch and be just a WO1 management post.

    The savings on money would be quite big.

    I know await the barrage of abuse from the 31 year old selected WO1's (Non Tech ) who will not go to sea again to put forward their case.

    As for the WO2 position on a FF/DD, if they go, you will not gain as the at action posts are vital and needed.
  20. So we could keep WO1 and CPO and get rid of WO2 then surely?

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