Is there a break between basic training and phase 2?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LeTache88, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Just as the title says, I'm wondering if there is a break between basic training and phase 2, and how long it is? also do you get that time to yourself?
  2. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on many factors.

    You may get time between the two if there is a main leave period or if Phase 2 course doesn't start for a while (if so you will go into Hawke Division as example but you will still work)

    Time to yourself? When you're not working or duty you will get some time to yourself. If you're on leave you will get some time to your self. Not sure what you are expecting to be honest.
  3. Cheers tommo, I thought that after basic training you might get a week off or some time off before the 2nd part starts is all, also what is hawke division?
  4. P.s use the search button before making so many threads many questions you have are common and answered many times before
  5. Sorry man, This is my last thread anyway, I think I know the last little bits I was looking for, In future I'll check the forum first, thanks again for the help mate
  6. Not always, most of the time you will go from Phase 1 straight into Phase 2

    Hawke Division is a hold over division in Raleigh
  7. A friend of mine passed out from Raliegh about 8 weeks ago, but only this monday did she start her mw training.

    Or so she says. I have no idea why it was so long, and why i didn't see her during that time, but apparently, 8 weeks.
  8. in 2002 the stokers out of my division went to sultan the day after the passing out parade with a kit muster on the first day
  9. Though it may appear to be confusing you have to bear in mind that it is nigh on impossible to always co-ordinate the end of Phase I training with the start of Phase II - there are so many things to be taken into consideration.

    In the case of a small branch like MW this is going to be even more evident as obviously there will be fewer trainees and therefore fewer courses.
  10. 1978 - Hawke 45 Division...
    Not one drop-out/back-squad/PVR. Quite proud of our lot there..!
    No time off for us after Part 1 training; a week chipping & painting the funnel on the old Bulwark in pompey up until crimbo leave, then straight into Part 2 at Sultan.

    Sorry, just had to reminisce :)
  11. Great fun if someone runs off with your cap after throwing it in the air!

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