Is the wealth of on line information a help or hindrance for new joiners?


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Yet more drivel , just to add to the reams of bollocks already spouted on the topic of 'The youth of today and their myriad of failings'

I just don't understand the kids these days, mainly because they all speak Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Urdu, Chinese, Mongolian and Iranian down our street.
I have to hire an interpreter just to go to a ******* car boot sale.


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The current generation are taking a lot longer to "let go of the apron strings" than before.
It's not about 'Cutting the apron strings'. They are more connected with family and friends now then 'back in the day' When I joined up, there was a pay phone and a Postcard to communicate with home, now....
But i am not sure "cruel to be kind" would wash in this day and age
Why do you want that? What good does it do apart from encourage a culture of bullying?
Still happening
school team sports
Again, still happens. No matter what you read in the Daily Mail.
Following your local football team to away games
? Why on earth would you think that doesn't happen?
perfect for getting trains from one establishment to another
A lot of new joiners already drive and own their own cars. Why do you need to catch the train?Anyway, why do you need to know how to catch a train. Just go to the train station and catch a train. It's not really a stretch is it?
Not sure getting lifts everywhere is making them ready for day 1 at Raleigh.
But you run everywhere?

i was pretty sure i knew what i wanted to do at 15 years old
Yep, me too. But I wish I had the opportunities that are available these days. I most probably would not have been a sailor.
I could have spat the dummy and bailed, BUT the guys who made the decisions had seen it all before and i know of several other guys in my class who did get selected for WEA(O), who were far more clever than i, that failed the exams and were shown the door. Yet i passed out as an MEA (M) and went on to me not bad at it
I'll go and find a medal for you.
I see peeps come on here with such a variation on what they think they wanna do, that surely they cannot really have a real desire for any of it?
Why can't they? Why do you need to have an exact career path mapped out at age 15? My eldest is 24 and he is still
unsure of what he wants to do with his life.
The one person now even asking Army or Navy, jeez that's a pretty basic decision isn't it?
Is it, Why? They are both branches of the Armed Forces. A trade in the Navy is very similar to a trade in the Army. (or RAF for that matter)
Do you suit a green uniform or a blue one??
Oh, I see, it was a joke.

One thing I must say, you seem to be laboring under the misapprehension that all todays joiners are school leavers. They're not.

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