Is the Unite union determined to close BMW?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. BMW want to close the final salary pension scheme.
    This is normal for most companies in the current climate, low inflation and pension fund investments can no longer support such a generous scheme.
    Most major companies stopped the scheme years ago
    So what makes BMW workers think that they are so special?
    Are Unite members thick or just belligerent?

    BMW will certainly have a solution to this, close the UK facility and move it to another EU country.
    I can think of many where wages will be smaller and output larger than the UK
    Unite have just given BMW a great reason for pulling out of the UK
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  2. The one I always like to point out to people who moan about losing defined benefit schemes is that they aren't keeping up their side of the bargain - i.e. dying not long after retirement, and in a nice and quick way that doesn't put too much pressure on the NHS.
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  3. my father is a bmw worker and will be affected and will lose substantially a lot of it goes through and unfortunately the only people who will suffer are the workers unite has become far to big and is only concerned with its on self interests
  4. When I drove past the mini plant last night there wasn't a large number of people on the picket line, the number of people working there has dramatically reduced over the last decade , so I wonder how this will finish
  5. Your father will still retain the part of the final benefit scheme that he has already paid into. What happens is that his pension will be made up of two parts, first part the final benefit scheme till end of scheme date. Second part the pension fund accrued after that date.

    In effect he is not losing anything because he has not paid in for it!
  6. If BMW should decide enough is enough and shift their efforts elsewhere yo can bet it won't be the intransigence of the workforce that gets the blame. That blame will be firmly levelled as a direct result of Brexit. If it were just the BMW worker's livelihoods at stake I'd probably say "carry on brothers" but there are hundreds(if not thousands) in the supply chain who will suffer if the work goes elsewhere.
    It would be interesting to know if the German workers are being treated the same and how they're dealing with it.
  7. The public sector didn't have a choice the government just changed the law...not long after a "life time" deal was offered....
  8. Nothing in the News over here about it
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  9. Our company has just decided to close the deferred part of the pension for those who were on final salary. I started here 13 years ago, 2 years after they stopped taking new joiners in to final salary and had to go to stakeholder.
    As part of the change, I get an extra 5% added to the my monthly stakeholder company contributions up to 15% all in (me 3%, company 12%). The deferred guys will be getting a start up of around 23% for 5 years.
    On the whole, it works for some people and not for others (techy just got redundancy after 30 odd years with a lump pot of in excess of 250k, his wife still works here while he sits and counts his change!)
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