Is the speed of your progress relivent to how many nighs....

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Kola, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering. If I dedicate myself and attend twice weekly and do every weekend can I speed up the process to passing phase 1 and 2 and passing out? (do RMR pass out?)

    Just I have alot of spare time at the mo and would like to dedicate myself to the cause so I can get back out on active service - (just something I have to do.)
  2. the training is as fast as your troop go and you cant really speed it up, if you have free time just do loads of phys thats all you can really do,

    also ask your training officer about working in the unit if there is any available, this can range from clearing out the gash to playing enemy if you do the shit jobs you get noticed and make friends which is always handy, i think i cleand out the officers mess after a few partys and mangaes to get myself on to a JCC/SCC to play enemy and i learned alot about how bootnecks operate in that week than i learned in phase one.

    so basically use your free time for phys and voulenteer to do work for the unit, if there is an open day for colleges ask if you can help out, you will be paid for it too which is always a good incentive
  3. Re: Is the speed of your progress relivent to how many nighs

    OK m8, thanks for the info. Appreciated

    Haha, this bit made me laugh. Don't mean to be cheeky or sound outspoken but I looked at the pay scales. Good job Im not doing this for the money eh? I could get a days RMR pay in 3 hours in civvy street as most of us could. Typical government.

    Fair enough when your a recruit but a fully qualified RMR gets £35 a day. Do the government realize the RM are one of the best fighting forces in the world???

    I'll be attempting RMR as a personal achievement and for the service comradery I miss dearly, and the humor etc etc but all as the money will do is make sure I keep my sense of humor.

    I hope no one takes this comment the wrong way. It is said on side of all front line servicemen here in the UK.
  4. when your a student like me, money is always an issue as you said in another thread, "every little helps"

    and yeah the pay is not what it should be i heard a rumor that regulars pay might be going up to match that of the special forces, this is a rumor and dont quote me on it, maybe some one could clear that up?

    also any current lads from tyne on here or ex tyne?
  5. Re: Is the speed of your progress relivent to how many nighs

    Ive been out of the army for many years, 8 in fact. The pay was never great then but hey, I was only standard army.
    I was shocked to find a newly but never the less fully qualified commando was paid so little, buttons infact.

    I know alot of people don't join the forces just for the money, but it amazes me how the government can't understand how no youngster wants to join up anymore.

    A Fully qualified spec forces soldier such as a marine or para should be on a salary similar to a newly qualified police officer is on in my opinion which is around 20k.

    There's no one on earth who would think a spec forces soldier is worth a third of what a Tesco's shelf stacker gets on a night shift!!

    I think the government of this country have alot to answer for.....
  6. Pardon my language but the pay (or rather lack of) that any of our lads receive is Fcuking shite, im looking at both RM as a career or either civvie plod and RMR, and to be quite honest im leaning more towards civ plod due to the pay (a bit mecenary I know but, with a student loan to pay off you need money) all our forces should be on a mimimum of 20k a year starting due to the nature of the job as lets be fcuking honest who is more valuable a member of her majestys forces or some [email protected] of a city slicker earning twice as much for doing fcuk all, it pisses me off,

    Rant Over
  7. Re: Is the speed of your progress relivent to how many nighs

    Ive done the civey plod thing m8, in two forces. It was a nightmare.

    If your after a job where at least 2 thirds of your time is writing then you'll be fine, but action it aint.

    Also, from my 6 years service I realised fast that no matter where you are in the UK there are only 50 faces that cause 90% of all crime in each town/village but the courts just keep letting them out.

    Being a police officer is like being a dog catcher except when you round up the dog the pound just let them out of the back door.
    So much so you see the same dog the next day so round it up again. And what does the pound do, exactly, let him go again, and this is the same for all of the other dogs you round up. Repeat this cycle 20 times with every dog you catch and remember to do your 8 hours of paperwork each as well as attend court after night shifts first thing on a morning and you start to not care anymore. At this point I knew it was time to move on.

    All I can say is the Police is an organization with some fantastic people in it, but you'll do little more than piss in the wind everyday.
    If anyone gave me any bother now the last people I would ring would be the Police as there totally infective through no fault of there own, and this is a comendated ex cop talking. Go figure.

    Im not saying don't join, your a man so make your own decisions. Just trying to inform you, as much as the pay is great the job sucks big time.

    If I had my time again Id try the fire brigade.

    Dont have to be a slick city slicker m8, this is my point. A tescos nightshirt shelf stacker makes more in half a shift that a RM or Para does in a day. They get around £8 or £9 an hour. Check it out.

    And you prove my point totally. You'd like to join full time as a RM but cant because of the money.

    I know you cant do these type of jobs just for cash but it should at least tempt you certainly be able to pry you from Tescos for F's sake
  8. Kola thanks for the info mate will defo bear that in mind,as for wage your dead on with the tesco lot my brother(also a student)works there part time and rakes it in due to "unsocialble" hours I'd love to see what tesco would call the hours the lads work whilst on ops or even on dartmoor its a sad state of affairs Britain is defo broken as the sun so accuratley states
  9. Re: Is the speed of your progress relivent to how many nighs

    I agree m8, Britain is broken. With politicians only seeking a career and all being 'yes men' these days there's no end in site.

    Its a strange world but the only politician we ever had in my life time (34 yrs old) who had a set of balls was actually female - Thatcher.
    Mind, I didn't like any of her policies, Im just saying she had a set of bollocks.

    Labour and Conservative are too alike these days. What Britain need is a strong leader. Not a drip like they all seem to be.

    If I can be of any help with your Police application if you need any first hand impartial advice don't hesitated to ask me m8. Ill try not to be too cynical lol
  10. thatcher's policies were a bit mad but you are correct mate she had a bigger set that that muppet we got now wharf his name kermit or brown or something, thanks again mate as soon as I get the application pack I will defo give you a pm cheers kola
  11. Re: Is the speed of your progress relivent to how many nighs

    NP m8 pleased to be of help,

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