Is the RN asking too much of the Reserves

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by jps20, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi - is it me or is the RN asking too much of its reserves at the moment? With an ever increasing amount of "enduring commitment" billets it seems to me that the RN cannot seem to manage its own manning plot. It is only a matter of time before employers get annoyed and withdraw their support for this national institution.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It's beastly isn't it. The RN train you, give you a nice uniform with shiny buttons, pay you, give you a bonus and then they expect you to work occasionally the rotters..... :roll:
  3. Fully agree Blobby.
    What is the RNR for ? - "to support the RN in time of conflict or STRETCH"
    What part of stretch do you not understand?
    If you're not prepared to be mobilsed then find youself another "hobby"
  4. Sounds like Norman again?!

    We've all been round the buoy on this subject several times.

  5. Blobs. You and I have never had a cross word. However, here are two now.

    Bugger off.

    You have never been a reservist, you have never had to juggle your family, a full time job, answering to your employer for time spent serving your country and the demands of the service which now expect you to be able to to mobilised whenever and wherever it suits them. That is two extra pressures that you did not have when you served, so to spare your blushes please therefore keep your opinions to womens knickers, all things khaki and the like.


  6. Totally agree, sounds like somebody is after a bite
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Ohhhh, you can be so masterful. :worship:
  8. The RNR is answering the commitments placed on it so far. The RN is highly impressed with the RNRs ability to deploy but fails to recognise some deeper pressures.

    Currently several branches have enduring commitments that need regular rotations. The specialists available to do this are small in number, and the pool of manpower is starting to run dry, as age (lots of retirements coming up), lack of replacements and the inability to legally mobilise more than 1 in 3 years starts to tell. The RN needs a long hard look at what it wants the RNR to do - the current thinking is "send an RNR to do the job" without thinking whether the RNR has someone trained, capable and qualified to do the job - its like sending an RN Pusser to filled a gapped WEO slot - it just won't work.

    We will do what is required of us, but we need our employer to understand the real limits that a small force can provide.
  9. NO NO no NO NO no NO NO no NO NO no NO NO no NO NO no

    Agree wholeheartadly with what wet Blobby said BUT>>>>

    It's got to be Norman
  10. I am not Norman. I am someone who has been mobilised and has worn the uniform with the "shiny buttons" as well as CS95 and feel that as an organisation we are beginning to lose the support of employers - my feedback is that they are prepared to support the reserves for tangible and well argued campaigns, but not to support the propping up of our under-funded armed forces.
  11. To answer whether too much is being asked we first need to know how much is being asked of how many personnell. The number of personnell available are the trained strength, less those who:
    - have already been deployed for 9 months in the past 5 years
    - would get automatic exemptions (full time education, and those critical to civvie job)
    - are too young (small number under 18)
    - are medically downgraded.

    This probably results in a few hundred in each branch being deployable, which I would guess is enough.

    If you are eligible to be compulsorily mobilised but don't want to be, perhaps because of the hassle with your employer or family, the only option is to leave. Which might be shit but that's life.
  12. I don't think that the RN is asking too much of the reserve service however I'm not convinced that with current numbers in some branches the commitment is sustainable. Engagement with employers doesn't appear to happen to any great extent with respect to the RNR. Given numbers and deployment cycles SABRE are probably putting their effort into the TA.
  13. OK, I'll wind back a bit from my previous comment.

    Agree that some branches will have difficulty maintaining an ongoing committment over the next decade, but think that applies to the RNR in general - we're too small, getting smaller & can't get enough new steaming bats through the door (Think TA are also having this problem).

    However, couple of points with "send an RNR". With a few exceptions they're not sending us to do jobs we can't do! The WEO/Pusser allusion doesn't apply.
    I know a couple of people who've done jobs "out of specialisation" & they've received all the training they needed before deploying. The learning curve in post may have been steep at first but surely if we can produce the results outside our core specialisation, which (with a very small number of exceptions) we do, is that not a good thing?
  14. Well Leave then and give someone else a chance.

    :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  15. Some things to consider:
    A. If you’re going to join the reserves you should want to be called up (else get another hobby)
    B. The recruitment team at your RNR unit will probably gloss over point A.
    C. Being a reservist isn’t (civilian) career enhancing, and will probably be an burden
    D. The MoD doesn’t have a good record on looking after regulars; what chance have reservists?
    E. The MoD and regulars will never understand the impact of a call up will have on your civilian life (and probably don’t care)
    F. Having a chip on your shoulder is part of being a regular
    G. Your country only needs you because of the ineptitude of the current government

    And on a personal note; I look forward to my next deployment (sometime in 2011)
  16. Total bollocks puddle pirate. If you don't like it, leave - simple!
  17. Don’t you just love it when a simpleton proves your point for you?
  18. Is being a faggot part of being in the RNR or is it just you?
  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think you miss the entire point. If you're going to join the Reserves, surely you put a tiny bit of thought into the process and didn't just fancy trying it for a laugh.

    So, I'm hoping that an essential part of your due consideration was whether or not you could make the personal, professional and time commitments.

    If you didn't or grossly underestimated what would be expected of you, then perhaps you should reconsider being a reserve!

    As, for chips, from what I read on this forum, I can't see why many of you remain as Reservists. Your opinions of the RN, the people and the employment seem so at odds with what I see as a regular now and what I experienced as a reservist.

    The RN has many many faults but it still offers far more than the majority of employers, if it doesn't why did you join and remain?
  20. Pleeeaaaasssse nooooo mooooorrrre drippppping on this fecking forum :pukel: :pukel:

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