Is the MoD media shy?


Comments anyone? Should the top brass be more visable and more open?
2017, the year of the Royal Navy. Who knew?:eek:
Yes I think they need to be more visible, the 'need to know' principle is taken to such an extreme that at times it is difficult for personnel to actually find out anything which they genuinely do need to know! There is hostility to the armed forces in some vociferous quarters, but a lot of support too. Engaging with the media is something that officers have trained and practiced to do, but fear of getting it wrong and fear for their careers if something is misquoted, means they have retreated from sight and therefore account for nothing.


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News to me also and my job is specifically related to Royal Navy Recruitment on social media.

The problem with official engagement with the media is pretty much everything declared in an official capacity has to be checked and approved at 2* level, which completely removes spontaneity.

Interestingly one need only look at Twitter to witness how badly some tri-service senior officers perform when it comes to spontaneity or indeed having a scooby about the Armed Forces policy relating to media engagement.


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Is MOD media shy? Absolutely.

Part of the problem is the control which politicians wish to keep on potential criticism of their own failures.

To quote from the article:

"Part of the blame must also lie with Downing Street, who have controlled the media agenda with an iron grip. For some that is a huge frustration, but sadly for the others, it's a convenient excuse."

I have commented before on the political reaction to some home truths in respect of RN overstretch in connection with the Libyan operation a few years (is it really six?) back.

MoD has always been a bit annual (edited as the original word was not allowed, but I expect that the addition of two letters is not too unclear) about dealing with the media, but political control has been getting tighter for years. Perceived failures in dealing adequately with media over the capture of personnel from HMS Cornwall (edited from Chatham after brain cell failure)by the Iranians was the final straw. Passing wind in the presence of a journalist without prior high-level clearance is now considered much more serious than doing so in church.
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