Is the job satisfaction better on submarines?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by alex123, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Although i'm going in as ETWE, submarines is something i definetley want to do at some point.
  2. YES!! :lol:
  3. You don't actually 'do' submarines mate. If you're good enough you just becoe a submariner - good luck.
  4. And when I learn to type properly I'll be able to spell 'become' correctly sorry bout that - but again good luck, best branch in the whole RN - but then again I would be biased.
  5. Are you having a fcuking laugh? Is this a serious fcuking post? When questioned 8 out of 10 Submariners said they would of preferred to have their testicles nailed to a wooden table and then removed with a blunt spoon rather than go to sea on a submarine again. I've been doing it for nearly 25 years now and it's as fcking wnk now as it was then. Strangely though.....I am proud as fcuk of being a Submariner and of stupidly and blindly enduring 25 years of complete and utter cok. Long may the bollox continue in the finest traditions of the service. If I were you I'd rather take my own life than go through Service in Submarines....don't say I didn't warn you!!
  6. To Ron Jeremy: So if they were that shite, why do 25 years in boats ?? Get real....Tell the fcking truth, you loved them hence you wouldn't be 'proud' of being a we all are, and for a good fcking reason...that pride was earned not given.
  7. **** rags are made of a much better quality on boats, it's your curtain... :D
  8. It depends on what you mean by job satisfaction....

    In terms of professionalism, you won't find it better anywhere than on a boat. Having served on both skimmers and boats, I know I wear my dolphins with pride. Every member of the crew knows exactly what's going on with the rest of the boat, what every department is doing, and they'll be able to help out with any emergency DC situation that may occur. This is all down to the Basic Submariner Qualification (BSQ) taskbook that everyone completes, followed by the oral board, and I've seen some oral boards take five hours.
    FOST work-up periods are also more intensive, and boat crews are worked hard prior to a deployment, in my opinion harder than a surface FOST assessment. When you do go on deployment, the crew works far tighter as a team.
    The BSQ involves tracing all of the major systems onboard, which everyone may be called upon to operate, as well as whole ship knowledge.
    When you are finally presented with your Dolphins, you'll be beaming. So in that respect, you will get loads of job satisfaction.

    As a Submariner, jollies are few and far between on fleet boats, and non-existent on bombers. If you joined to see the world, you won't. Skimmers do far more pomp and ceremony, flying the flag kind of stuff, and deployments tend to be far more interesting. You could be part of Boarding Team, or doing humanitarian relief in the tropics. Do you remember when the RN were called in to evacuate British Nationals from Lebannon in 2006? The skimmers (Gloucester?) got all the glory. In that respect, you come home feeling like you've made a slight difference, and you get a different kind of job satisfaction.

    If you want my advice, get yourself on a skimmer first, get a few foriegn deployments, and enjoy yourself. Then when it's time to settle down, go submariner, take your extra pay, then go buy a house!
  10. I didn't like it, there again I only had a look around the Alliance!
  11. There is some truth in what RonJeremy says.

    After 20 years of trials, tribulations and some damned scary moments, I see one on the tv and think 'was I really such a wankstain to have put myself through that.'

    And to show I know the meaning of the word 'oxymoron' - I loved every minute.
  12. Cant argue with any of the above. I have spent nearly 25 years on fleet boats, not sailing on time, worst still not getting back on time.Having jollys snatched away from me at the last moment, and those that I did get were four days long with at least one maybe two dutys during them.
    However on a boat you are part of a real ships company, everyone looks out for everyone else. The time you do spend ashore is quality time, weather its with your oppo's on the lash or at home with the family.

    I would not have changed a thing. :)
  13. All the above comments have nailed it. Having spent 2 years on a skimmer then close on 20 in boats, boats win hands down!
  14. It is not just job satisfaction, it is life satisfaction, mates satisfaction, run ashore satisfaction etc etc etc.
  15. Is the job satisfaction better on submarines?
    For a honest answer mate it'll be no different to any other part of the service, you'll get out of it what you put in and what you make of it. If you want it to be great you'll put the effort in to make it so, on the other hand if you end up disliking it you'll just remember the bad parts and that is all you talk about. Heed the advice of the older salts, try both and then make a balanced judgement.
    However choosing to go Greenie, now thats the worst choice you'll ever maKe so your career can only get better from here on in!
  16. Drunkensailor. "FOST" :?: What happened to CSST`s :?: or is that another part of our world disapearing in to the mists of time?
  17. CSST died a while back and it all came under the FOST umbrella (or FOST(SM) if you prefer
  18. Topstop

    Just to keep you in the loop FOSM got changed to RASM and is now known as COMOPS :roll:
  19. AAARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The worlds gone to pot :( :( :(
  20. What a load of tosh.
    But then again you were/are on krap boats!!
    Diesel boats were brill good boats good crew good running periods etc etc

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