Is the chat bar back?

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by admiralscruff, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. The chat bar that was removed a few months ago appears to have returned, have the COs put it back or is it just my computer doing something odd? Interestingly, the only people it has on it (all set as being offline) are the ones set as 'friends' on my profile. Anyone else noticed this?
  2. By heck, that were quick. Just setting it up now.
  3. that was me by the way
  4. Awaiting a formative opinion from our esteemed colleague Mr Finknottle. He has no friends and therefore is eminently qualified to answer any of your questions, or concerns relating to chatting with friends.
  5. Right, I can see more people on it now. Well done GCO, I thought it was a good feature, nice to see a return
  6. Sod the chat thingy, scroll to top is back. . :brushteeth:

  7. I'm waiting.....
  8. I'm not.............

  9. You ******* offered
  10. See what you did there.
  11. WTF is Dii?
  12. That can't work I've seen em all.
    Then again the only thing electrical that intrests me is a beer pump and the electric chair I want to put Sharky in.:clown:

  13. That's the way, aha, ahaI like it, aha, ahaThat's the way, aha, ahaI like it aha aha

  14. **** off Tre, he's got money AND a copy of the Red Sailor, he's still on my Christmas card list.
    I just don't like you poor bastards who might rock up and skank my glop and scran. Then **** off and spend all your benefit on yourselves. Bastards.

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