Is Soleil attempting a take over?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by trehorn, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. How many bloody threads has this bloke got to his name??????

    You must be on a good screw mate to be able to spend all day trawling the on line rags for news.

    Giz a job? :D
  2. Soleil is a women for starters,and a very helpful one at that!
  3. Try doing a bit of trawling to find out the incredible information this person provides for this site. You are either illiterate or just unable to comprehend the commitment Soliel has provided in the past, and will do, hopefully in the future. Might I suggest that you retract your comment and put it up the same bioligical orriface as the famous rock apes poke their nuts. Moron.
  4. Well said Trelawney :thumbright:
  5. I'm with Soleil - very helpful and thoughtful lady.
  6. MOD media bunny perhaps?
  7. Study Librarianship and you too can get paid for trading in information! :roll:

  8. Yeh but is she a women, :D come on Soleil post a pic, 8)
  9. t
    Flymo, like others on this site I don't give a damn about the who or what, the main fact is Soliel contributes in an unbiased way, often with no comments whatsoever. Bad news is not supressed, discussions on topics are informative and useful to those past, present and future. In short Soliels input is positive. Can't say the same about other posters especially myself, :wink:
  10. My post`s are ferkin crap :D ,i am only on here to fire up a few missguided bints who think they are ready for the big cruel world of the RN 8)
  11. Hey Tre, calm down matey.
    Am not whinging at all, just saying that perhaps this lady of a sunny disposition may work as a media bunny for the MOD\RN.
    And the MOD needs all the good PR it can muster at the moment.

    He has been in the mob for two years and is 36 years of age - so what course has he done? Doing a "writers" course is equal to doing an apprenticeship? I find the terminology used quite difficult to fathom. Probably on purpose to big it up. Anyhow's, well done chap for whatever course you did.
  12. Right, this is the second time some camelfcuker has had a dig at Soleil in the last month or so, and I'll say it again. And slowly as you are a part timer anyway.

    Soleil is a valuable contributor to this site and certainly doesn't deserve that sh1te. If you really must start a thread just to have a swipe at someone and hope that a few other mongs wish to join your little vitriolic bandwagon, then at least choose a target that merits it.

  13. Roger on your last Scouse
  14. Jesus wept boys and girls 8O

    I meant no malice - hence the biggest cheesiest smilie i could find. I just noted that that the first 15 or so threads in this topic were posted by him/her/it.

  15. A couple of people had a dig at Soleil a while ago oppo, so excuse us for being a little protective of her, she does good things for RR.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just to add my tuppence, Soleil not only posts some very informative Naval-related conversation-stimulating news topics, but also contributes a great deal of accurate advice to potential joiners & without getting wound-up (like what I do sometimes).

    The overall issue is that she very much keeps RR alive with a very positive, balanced input.
  17. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "The overall issue is that she very much keeps RR alive with a very positive, balanced input"

    Ninja - wash your mouth out right now. This is RR - we're not allowed to be positive or balanced. We have to accept that everything the modern RN does is wrong, obsolete, doesn't work and it is run by Lt Cdrs and Admirals who exist solely to oppress the poor hard working AB, who isn't a patch on his companions of yesteryear!
  18. Not wishing to detract from the suffering of trehorn, who has repented, I would like to see some suffering inflicted on MLP. I'd like to know to total extra weight he has to carry in his bergan for his run for service charity?
    Can't find the link, but do wish to see him suffer!

  19. But... but... but they all join as AB's these days.... and wimmen too! :razz:

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