Is Sodomy between man & woman still illegal ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Scran_Bag, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. An interesting question arose over a few beers with chums recently, Is sodomy between a man & a woman (even man & wife) still a criminal offence even if both parties consent ?

    I know that this act was an offence years ago, but in the discussion, no-one could shed any light on the current legal stance.

    Can someone out there give me the answer please.

    I aint aiming to commit the act myself, but I would hate a married friend of mine to get in the shit breaking the law.
  2. Whether or not your married mate would be breaking the law he would still be in the sh!t. Literally speaking of course
  3. As the old saying goes, "Always in the shit, only the depth varies"
  4. Not only legal positively condoned.....
    Of course it is legal as long as you are over 16 and consenting.
  5. I think it's safe to say the police aren't going to storm your friend's house and arrest them for doing it :lol:
  6. Yeah, they will only know if the bitch squeels, but then that's the idea isn't it ?
  7. Who cares??

    If you want to cruise the Bournville Boulevard get stuck in. Remember every hole's a goal. If you are snookered on the pink by the red pot the Brown
  8. I recall it was recently decriminalised once most gay offences were decriminalised. Before that it used, perversely, to carry a penalty of up to life imprisonment, as it once did for gays. Ask Rosie - she's not an academic - she lives in the real legal world - she'll know what the law is today! :lol:
  9. Legal or not I'd love to chuck my bowel trowel up Condaleeza Rice's stench trench. Just saw her on the news and she needs it (in a punishing way, not for pleasure).
  10. No complaints that gays were being treated differently then. One rule for all! Equality!
  11. Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! 'old on, ain't that the French battle cry?

    No complaints Slim. Equality should mean precisely that - the balance and norm established in time through legal equity.
  12. Exactly Old matelots saying "Up the bum NO babies"
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: Seems sensible to me Slim.
  14. One flesh tube is just like another flesh tube. If you want some BDA (Back Door Action) who are the law to stop 2 consenting adults having fun. They tried to calmp down on BDSM play too at one point...... THE SWINES!!
  15. That's only because the Establsihment don't like the rest of us doing what they get up to... they want their pecadillos to remain elitist, like titles and all that nonsense!
  16. This MAY help !!! and BTW if your mate has any fots........................ !!! :lol: :lol:

    The law and sex

    The law is quite specific about certain sexual activities and in some cases people believe the law is unnecessarily restrictive. Men over the age of 10 can be prosecuted for having sexual intercourse or any other kind of sexual activity with a girl under 16. A girl under 16 could be prosecuted herself for having sexual activity if the other boy or girl involved is under 16.

    If you are involved in sexual activity with someone under 16 there is, therefore a risk of being convicted of a criminal offence. Where there is agreement, understanding and similar age between the people involved in the sexual activity, the police are less likely to prosecute.

    For example the police will not usually prosecute where a 16 year old boy has sex with a 15 year old girl who agrees to it and understands what she is doing. It is worth noting that if the police don't prosecute it is still possible that someone else might, for example a parent.

    Penetrative anal sex is when a man puts his penis into the anus of a woman. For this kind of penetrative sex not to be a crime both people have to be at least 18, they both have to consent and do it in a private place.

    Gay sexual activity between two males is legal when it is done in private with no-one else present and both men are aged 16 or over and consent. The age of consent for gay men was reduced from 18 to 16 so equalising sexual rights for gay and straight people.

    There are no criminal laws specifically created for lesbian sexual activity (sexual activity between 2 females). However, a female having sexual activity with a girl who is under 16 will be committing the crime of indecent assault.
  17. Anyone else got a hardon?
  18. Is Sodomy between man & woman still illegal ?

    Depends if she's using a strap-on!
  19. Oi! Fishmeister get your own natty phrases 'Flesh tube' is one of mine
  20. Thanks for the real answer Fletch, that clears that poser up.
    As for the woman using a strap on or steam powered device, I should have made the question a little clearer as I had not thought of that possibility.

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