Is RR Boring or is it F'in Boring

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by NotmeChief, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Have you read down the list of topics on that front page? What a boring load of crap, not a light topic amonst them.
    I don't remember Jack being this boring or is the saying old 'soldiers' don't die they just fade away rubbed off on ex matlots?

    Where's all the dits? Where's all the fun?

    Come on it's party season - stuff the politics where Santas pressy list goes and bring some real world into the forum......please someone.....anyone.
  2. Put a light topic on the front page then.

    If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem !
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well this sort of thing has been discussed before; are you part of the problem or part of the solution? If you want to start an interesting thread yourself then I'm sure it will galvanise others to reciprocate accordingly...

    8O :?
  4. I've tried a few times, but it gets buried in things like newbies asking for the 300th time what grip to take to Raleigh or how many pressups should they do, or Iran and Iraq.

    I don't remember there being any of these type of topics on runs ashore.
  5. ooooooooooh-- bah humbug !!

    ignore them- tra la la la la----------- la la la laaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
  6. B H why not put on one about your favourate pet or the ugliest one you went to bed with or kissed
    Hows that for a starter or your best run ashore
  7. Try going into the Forum records and looking at which topics get the most hits and have the most replies. I think that you would be surprised.

    As for topics that Jolly Jack would discuss on a that would be fcukin boring :thumright:

  8. er--------------- and single me out WHY?????

    as to ugliest one................................... now that would be telling!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I vote to put the gash barge on the front page again. Apart from anything else the title is very witty. The dork who made that decision should be made to ... oh I don't know ... read the Daily Mail every day for the rest of his or her life ... can't think of anything worse ...
  10. Quite frankly I find most of the newbies posts quite entertaining, they are the ones most prone to thread drift of huge proportions and arguments between 16 year old spotty herberts and the old and forgetful, Hig the PIg where are you know that Chico is here?
    Also I have yet to see blatant offers of violence ie "Come on then come down to Pompey (From Faslane.) and call me a skimmer, you sundodging [email protected]#!#" these make for some of the best threads on ARSSE.
    I suggest that we have a RR reality Xmas Dinner, all meet in the chatroom (Does it still work?) pissed and abuse the feck out of each other. One of the MODS can then post the chat log the next day and all who took part can cringe in embarrassment and/or continue the fuedin' and a fightin'.
  11. B H you started the moaning so I just gave you a hint what to do

  12. Did I just hear the door slam?
  13. Perhaps they have all gone over to ROMFT for a humour check.

    Chico bless him..............i see that he`s giving advice now, thats my boy.
  14. Yes the voice of experience on RR, 16 year old Sea Cadet.

  15. Just tell them a strong right handed grip will see them right.

  16. Wassat then Hig? :rofl:
  17. Hmm, well we don't all share your sense of 'humour'
  18. Very true T42, but there again not everyone on ROMFT has the same sense of humour as higs.

    I personally find myself visiting RR less often, as the site IMHO seems to have lost a lot of the laughs it had when I first joined. But there again RR had a damn site fewer members back then, and as RR has grown it has changed, but that's life I suppose.
  19. Belong to both - enjoy both, no problems.
  20. I can't stand people who whine about something yet do nothing to improve it themselves.

    And if you don't like newbie questions then don't read the blatantly titled newbie threads. Fekin *********. C'mon the newbies.

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