Is Raquel still good looking at her age......

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. No surgery then.
  2. Surely not?????
  3. Mind you she did start of as a 'well rounded person' how many of todays have that look.
  4. If you really think she looks that good without any 'help' from the surgeons knife, then you are easily convinced.

    She was stunning in her day, but why not grow old gracefully girl. ;-)
  5. Younger years......................
    OAP years:


    Surgery or no surgery, the bird is looking good!
  6. Course she's had some help.... but a darn good bit of surgery though!
  7. It was more that if you start of with a good structure it is easier to keep it looking good even it it does need the odd bit of re-adjustment from time to time. I certainly agree that the use of technology to make it appear you have overcome the aging process is sheer vanity, that of course does not mean she has not done a good job at it, but the foundations were ther in the first place, will Mrs Beckham be able to do the same?
  8. How dare you call King Eric a bird!??
  9. simple guess would be that IF she has had anything done
    i would say only her face and boobs,,, the rest looks like it has been left to nature.. which i think has been very kind to her, i think she looks great

    Does it really matter.. if she has had work done. long as she is happy

    True to say if you have got it why NOT keep it.. she had it in spades as a young woman.... good luck to her...
  10. It would be very interesting to see her in the flesh so to speak and then make a proper judgment of her. Its amazing what lighting, make-up, and airbrushing can do for ones appearance.

    Saying that, it would appear she has still kept herself in good nick, as has Sophia Loren.
  11. I wouldnt crawl over her her to get to Nutty put it that way!
  12. Still breathing isn't she , answers the question realy to a certain degree , although I do have certain standards to adhere to .
  13. Who gives a Flying Fcuk whether shes had surgery or not, i would definatly give her a good seeing too.
  14. That of course does beg the question as to why you would ever want to get to Nutty any way?
  15. Any port in a storm!!
  16. I'd slip her a serving of truncheon meat. :thumright:
  17. Well the photo does look good it has to be said and on the basis of that I would not be tempted to try and reach Nutty - or any of the rest of you for that matter!

    It should however br noted that same photo shows only the front and we can therefore only guess aboout how much has been pulled back and tied in knot behind!


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