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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Beadwindow, Mar 1, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone remember the 'Dads Army' style outfit that pusser tried to turn out in case mass rioting, rape, pillage and murder ever happened whilst alongside side in foreign shores.

    Each department was asked to 'volunteer' a rating to be trained and dressed similar to a 'Bootie'. But 'Jack' daubed with cam cream armed with a live SLR dressed in battle fatigues is asking for trouble!

    Anybody who can spin some dits on how a IS Platoon worked, for better or worse are welcome to share their experiences (My experience is from 80's Navy!).
  2. All I remember on a exercise in Malaya with the RN IS platoon off Albion set up to defend an Eagle base, the opposing forces wouldn't go near.

    Their defence was simply - Matelots with guns. - No chance!

    The IS platoon on returning on board couldn't see what all this exercise balony was all about. They could hear the others defending their positions but all was quite where they were!!!!
  3. As I recall it was a .303 Lee Enfield the 'mob' threw squares of wood wrapped in cloth at the IS Platoon so as not to hurt delicate Jack, it was nothing like the movie the Sand Pebbles.
  4. I seem to remember that the whole operation was centered on putting out a line of white tape and a banner which said "Dont cross the white line". "Display the Banner" was the executive command to set the ball rolling as far as I recall!!!! I did once get a stone in the eye during an IS Platoon exercise at Portland which resulted in a trauma cataract forming many years later - never had a hurt certificate though.
  5. Best advice to demonstrators......don't wear a red shirt....your day will be ruined
  6. We actualy did stop a riot in the seychelles in 66 no 8s boots gaiters or puttees 303s tin hats.
  7. Our IS Platoon was run by a PO(M) Oliver and due to the Elvis Costello single riding high in the charts at the time became known as "Oliver's Army"
  8. February/March 1963 Singapore

    As a young 16.5 year old I was detailed off as a member of the 32 strong IS Platoon, HMS Loch Killisport, where in 8ts. webbing, boots, gaiter(anklets) tins hats, and slung respirators. I humped a Lee Enfield 303 plus 18" bayonet around the parade ground of HMS Terror complete with big sign written in English and three other local languages and Roll of wide white tape to be rolled out and the local rioters told not to cross it.

    We would march about, never had any opposing force of happy matelots chucking things at us thank gawd. Being a J/S I was not allowed in the front line cos in the event of being out on active duty they would give one of the front rank a real bullet and the other eight blanks. The Platoon commander would select a man who was close or had crossed the tape. When the order came to fire, the enemy would not know which individual had shot the man who crossed the tape. I suppose they thought at 25 yards even a Matelot could not miss. We also did drill with circular rattan shields about 2'5 feet in diameter and entrenching tool helves. with which we pretended to batter back the invading hordes.

    After two days on the ranges at Ne soon? we were all kitted out in olive greens and rubber soles high jungle boots and clutching our newly used 303s were bussed to Burma Camp a Booties place in the Jungle near Kotti Tinggi? Falls where some Bootie's of ranks various gave us a two week course in Jungle warfare turning us into urban jungle warriors of a very high standard, for Matelots. Our only two claims to fame were never going for breakfast cos you had to climb 300+ steps to reach the dining hall and we had a egg banjo man out side the hut who would bring egg banjo and tea to your bed. During the 3 day jungle exercise where poor jack was set upon by Booties whilst trying to move from A to B across country we camped on the top of a hill and set perimeter defences and a Basha's a sort of makeshift tent thing over an indentation scraped out of the ground that Booties sleep in. At Dawn Stand To(That a bit like going to action stations at dawn the Officer in command a young bootie bit of Skin came up the hill from where he had been briefing his bootie workers about that mornings attack. He passed thru our defences unchallenged, Well he was a Bootie Officer(Hard Bar Steward) and we knew him. He then said, and I thought it was a bit silly at the time, "I have just entered you camp and nobody challenged me I could be anybody" with that AB Hall a gunner, wot else) two badges gold and from Newcastle, swung round and from a few yards shot him with a blank in the arris. We did not know that the wad in the blank could hurt so much. Exit Officer enter Bootie Sergeant not very happy with matelots who had shot his Officer and he ran us ragged for the next 48 hours.

    Did we use the hard gained knowledge, Oh Yes! when we became guard-ship in Kuching that summer our illustrious Captain a 4 ring Airy Fairy volunteered our services to the Army who under the watch-full eye of a Royal Green Jackets Corporal and Private they had us patrolling thru rubber plantations and the like just like a war movie for two weeks. They even gave us real live ammunition two two squaddies must have draw the short straw.

  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Rioting riff-raff attack London's intrepid landing platoon, Portland 1964:


    Said riff-raff are driven back by the intrepid matelots:


    Tiger's platoon hit the beach at Ghaijn Tuffeiha, Malta 1960:

  10. Cant remember exactly where but a few decades ago the IS platoon was detailed off to guard the ship (Devonshire) against a sneaky attack by some brown jobs. So IS platoon go ashore ( Nos 8's, boots, gaiters however instead of the usual pickhalve they got issued SLR's??? no ammo!) and take up "stratigic positions" around the ship... set up check points and road blocks and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Exercise goes on well into the 'first' but at some point after dark "Jack" decides to go for a quick smoke and settles down behind some adjacent oil drums for a well earned fag .... at the same point in time as one of the Brown jobs ... on seeing the road block ... attempts to circumnavigate it by climbing over the oil drums not knowing Jack was there! Jack sees a "shape" climbing over the top of the drum and ... grabs SLR by the barrel and swings it in the general direction on the "shape" bringing the butt plate into sharp contact with the "shape's" front teeth! Brought a hasty conclusion to the exercise but the smirk on the Chief GI's face was a picture while he was remonstrating with Jack about his non standard use of the SLR!!!
  11. I recall the ops being called Aid To Civil Power. Which means that "They" could shoot at you but you could not shoot back.Until several of you had received direct hits. The leader of the nasties always wore a red shirt and it was he who got shot.
  12. Another Devonshire Dit, Whilst working up at Portland (Operation Awkward)A killick Chef & Myself were detailed off to guard part of the dockyard round by Underwater weapons.Pincher the Killick Chef was a Native of Belfast,decided to play by his own rules & flagged down the next car that came our way,A sporty little MG driven by a 2ringer,"Could I see Some ID" said Pincher ."I appear to have left it in the Wardroom"said the Officer "Get out the Ufckin car & spread em"said Pinch who then ordered me to frisk the prisoner.We then called up the ship & got the landrover to come & pick up our prisoner,The sack over the head & cable ties round the wrists he was lead up the Gangway to be taken for interrogation in the Fwd Bathroom Black Bin full of Icycold water & a good twatting with a fire hose,Supply Officer over the Moon two of his Dept have captured the only Saboteur,Along came one of Fosties Finest asked what was happening & who the Prisoner was ,The half drowned shivering excuse could only utter" its all a big mistake"The Fostie confirmed this was all a big mistake and the officer in captivity was then released .
  13. SP ... when was this coz it sounds awfuly familiar! Around '75 perchance???
  14. 77 if I remember correctly Pincher went on to be a Reggie

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