Is our once wonderful Navy now a paper tiger ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by bacon28, Sep 22, 2015.

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  1. Pfff. We haven't ruled the waves since 1916, and even then we had to rely on numbers to get away with it. Catch up. Anything we've achieved since then has been shit or bust decisions that we've somehow got away with. A bit like Trafalgar.
  2. So scrap the outdated Navy with no effective sea-going warships and disgruntled crews claiming that six months in the Med requires both them and their partner stress relief. Should their ship have happened to have fired a round- Some Heroes Charity will step in and relieve them of their anguish
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  3. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    You really are a bitter out of touch boring old fart with nothing of any interest or relevance to add to this website aren't you.
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  4. Cause the navy of the 1950s-1981 had loads to do didn't it? It was all jollies, LFS, Honkers, Singers, world cruises and runs ashore galore.

    It was also an increasingly ineffective and outdated navy, with professional standards, equipment and reputation arguably only rescued from oblivion and partially restored (for a while) by the Falklands War.

    You had it easy, Epsom Salt. You bitter old ****.
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  5. For the avoidance of doubt The Falklands was a nasty Campaign-- not a War.
    Wars are not permitted between UN Members.
    Presumably North and South Korea could still have a bash. North and South Cyprus and North and South Sudan too.
    Other than those, mere contretemps prevail.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2015
  6. You're utterly clueless. How quaint.
  7. quaint
    1. attractively unusual or old-fashioned.

      synonyms: ,charming,sweet,attractive,pleasantly old-fashioned,
    2. Got it in one
  8. You Sir are a deranged ball-tickling puddle-licker whom I would recommend as a prime candidate for revoking of Internet privileges in order that your cum clouded ramblings don't bother anyone else other than your carer and the stuffed badger that has been your bezzy oppo since Mummy made you move out because of the strange smells coming from your "hobby room" in the cellar!
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  9. Didn't bother with punctuation, seemed it would be wasted on you.
  10. Popcorn anyone?
  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    this new popcorn is nowhere near as good as the popcorn we had in the good old days when men were men and a yewtree was just a tree.
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  12. Obviating the need for you to vent more of your spleen, I feel obliged to tell you the piece you take such exception to was a letter to the Editor of a Guernsey newspaper.

    It's copied word for word omitting only the Salutation and the Author's name and rank.
  13. Aaahhh, so the utter goat waddle you provided wasn't even original goat twaddle. What a felcher of farmyard animals you are. Now, wipe the keyboard dry, mummy will be along to help relive her little soldier shortly.
  14. Senor Queso, I take it your non de plume refers to what lies behind your foreskin!! Just do a little research before making crap statements. The 50s to 80s RN were involved in quite a few conflicts, Korea, Malaya, Suez Canal, Cyprus, Aden to name a few, plus Kuwait in 61. (The "First" Gulf war) You will also find that the RN of that era, were involved in quite a few "disaster relief" efforts. You seem to have been taken in by the modern day idiom that, "one" modern warship can do what half a dozen of the old timers could do. That may be true, but your "one" modern ship cannot be in five different places at the same time!

    The time to which you refer was not all "banyans" and "brownhatters", we worked hard with the euipment that was provided. We weren't mollycoddled and did the job. We didn't have the latest "Gucci" kit, we dripped about about Beira Patrol, we looked forward to a good run ashore as a mess, we didn't hide away in our snug 6 berth cabins. we also looked the part in our "tiddly" suits.

    So please don't denigrate those who went before you. We paved the way for the introduction of new ships and new technologies, that you think so highly of.
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  15. Onions, don't forget playing dodgems with the Icelandics and the joy of Ivan popping up in odd places. The sort of places that could quite easily have flipped from cold to rather warm, depending how far the Septics were out of the way.

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