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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dapperdunn, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Surely a few 25 mm cannon rounds would do the trick?

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  2. That's the hotel bill in Cyprus, can't see biggles staying on board

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  3. Give the boys the toys and they will want to play with them, if they only had a 25mm bullet chucker then that would have been used.
  4. They have to justify their disproportionate share of the defence spending somehow . . . ;)
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  5. The trouble with a Mauser solution is you'd need to be quite low and close. That's probably not a good time to find that the buggers have acquired MANPADS.

    Also, it is likely that the Brimstone isn't as reliable as the makers brochure. Out of interest, not according to the Guardian, the ratebook price of a Paveway is around £22K and a Brimstone around £105K.
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  6. It all depends 'who' or 'what' was in the truck.......

    Maybe I'm reading too much Gerald Seymour / Frederick Forsyth.........
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  7. Small diameter bomb gbu 39 is an option at 250lb but is only GPS/ins guided clearly for mobile targets self designating laser guidance would be preferred, sdb II will bring this and seems likely to be integrated on. F 35 and Typhoon, still won't be cheap
  8. Pussies, stick Pontius in the cockpit pissed up and see what happens

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  9. Pretty sure none of our current crop (can you call 2 going on 3 types of aircraft a crop?) of fast jets are armed with cannon
  10. Having in the past (many years ago) served at Tain Range in Scotland and witnessed the results from Aden Round strafing, cannon fire is more frightening than it is effective
  11. Brimstone at £105k, you could buy a row of of houses for that price in Bradford

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  12. But why would you want to?
  13. To flatten them with a brimstone
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  14. And double their worth in an instant!
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