Is Ninja stalking me?


War Hero
Owww, owwww, just found out there's a shortage of HGV drivers in Australia, NZ, Canada and strangley California..........feel like a kiddy in a sweet shop, decisions decisions...... :w00t:


War Hero
ohhhhh....just passed the critical skills shortage test on the NZ website and I'm due a phone call with in the next 48 hours......

Perhaps I will be getting drunk with NZB soon.... :dwarf:

Bye the way....whats Alberta in Canada like anyone?
Harry you do know that I didn't take them don't you! I am terrified of them. My mother, OTOH is blase. She had a visit from Mr Bear last autumn in her garden and she didn't bat an eyelid. Even when one put its nose through the dog flap the year previously!
I guessed that, Rosie. I think they're gorgeous and could move there and watch them all day. Trouble is I would start to fantasise that they were my friends and would try to join them in their play ..... :)
Swinging the lead? :lol:

Looks familiar.... Where did you get that piccy of me chasing Blobby to the top of the beer vault? :razz: :biggrin:

...At least I think it was Blobbs.... or was it Bergs? :confused:


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