Is Naval Warfare Extinct?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by BungaBunga, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. I mean, when was the last time The Royal Navy Engaged a hostile ship?
    1982? So does it have a future?
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  3. My dissertation is about this kinda, for a small fee you can read it :D
  4. By fee she means a truck load of booze and credit if you ever write a book about it :clap:
  5. Cardiff waxed some Iraqi gunboats with it's Lynx in GW 1.
  6. Fixed that for you ... no charge!
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  7. Haha yessss MG, lambriniii! In all seriousness if you are actually interested in it OP i can email the relevant part to you!
  8. Judging by their other threads me suspects they are fishing.

    Either that or I've forgotten to take my meds and the paranoia is back.

    sesame street paranoia.jpg
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  9. I think the short answer is that if Naval Warfare is synonymous with 2 big ships pounding poo out of each other with big guns, it's dead. That's only because we have more efficient means of fighting in the Maritime Battlespace, though. So no, it's not dead. Land projected Air Ops have significant limitations and it's unfortunate that the fixation on Land Ops has been allowed to cloud the views of many people who should know better.

    For as long as people and material move by sea (and over it if it's far enough from land) and Nations have coastlines, the need for Naval Warfare will remain very much alive.
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  10. Minesweepers wasn't it? Plus technically it's air warfare.

    Just for dit value Monty I'm on a big **** off project in Iraq involving removing Styx off old OSA's. One got hit by a maverick missile and shit the bed it has peeled the forecastle right back.
  11. Oooh! Bet that stung!

    Strictly speaking the organic Lynx is (excuse me, was) a Type 42's only surface to surface weapon and was given targeting info by the ship itself so semantics not withstanding, it could be referred to as a ship to ship engagement. Not much different to OTHT with harpoon except where the weapon is launched from and where the info originates. I guess it can be seen both ways though.

    I also think South and North Korea have been trading fisticuffs at sea in the past few years. Sri Lanka also springs to mind, can't be arsed to google it though. Might be wrong, probably am.
  12. I was embarked in GLOUCESTER at the time and her Lynx did much of the damage. Just like a carrier's FW aircraft, a DD/FF's helo is part of the ship's weapons system and is used for ASuW, ASW and even land attack.

    TNC 45 Fast Attack Craft
  13. OTHT. There is an expression I've not heard since my CAISS (?) days
  14. I'd say naval warfare will always have a future. However perhaps the days of Jutland like confrontations are over?
  15. North Korea denied torpedoing the SK frigate Cheonan a few years back, which would have convinced a little more if they hadn't promptly slapped up a propaganda poster celebrating it...


    The Sri Lankans had some painfully lively encounters with the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) at sea as well as on land in the early 2000s, as well.

    Other naval excitement includes occasional incidents (up to exchanges of gunfire and occasional casualties) in the South China Sea around the Spratleys, at least one Georgian warship sunk by the Russians in the South Ossetian unpleasantness, an Israeli corvette clipped by a missile nobody knew Lebanese Hezbollah owned (and a merchant ship minding its own business, sunk by the same salvo) in 2006... plus the whole "Pirates of Somalia" saga, which has died down but not gone away completely.

    While we're not expecting a Tom Clancy-themed bout of nautical ultraviolence with entire flotillas annihilating each other with sky-blackening salvoes of nostalgically-named fUSSR missiles, I would bet against a co-ordinated global outbreak of niceness, peace and brotherly love on all seven seas at once.
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  16. I hope not, otherwise they'll make me redundant!
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    If they did that on telly, using Lord Sugar, I'd watch it.
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