Is my MEMOW gay?


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He is 18, skinny, ginger, spotty and up till a chance encounter with a mill bay night walker a virgin (where he went second in a twos up with one of the chefs) and at the moment he is dancing in front of me to scissor sisters 'I dont feel like dancing'! He seriously is the most feminine boy I've ever seen!
Twos up on a whore you have to jump in first if your gonna do it, sloppy seconds is not great. He is probably dancin in front of you because he enjoys men looking at him especially you, arghhhhh!!!!!


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I have questioned him about it and he says that although he thought he may have been when he was younger he doesn't think so now! He has been trying to re-enforce this by asking out every wren onboard which has proved to be unsuccessful as (if you've seen any previous comments) the majority of the ships wrens mess is either gay or bi!
Ginger is a runt gene, just like the faggot gene, so yes, he's probably a woofter.
BTW, if he is dancing in front of you, why aren't you beating his skull against something hard... (NO, NOT THAT)!!!!!!!!! :lol:


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Ask him leading questions:
1. Are you a friend of Dorothy?
2. Do you watch the Wizard of Oz?
3. Would you rather be a friend of George Michael or George Peppard
4. Who turns you on the most Gay male sailors or Gay female sailors
5. Do you look forward to your turn in the barrel?

If his answers are those of a poofter I would suggest that you sell him your turn in the barrel when it comes around
What's a MEMOW...? A Stoker in pain, A Stoker who thinks he's a pussy... oops I mean a cat, or a matelot whos wondering 'ow to become a Stoker? :lol:

He may be uncertain about his sexuality or feel very anxious about cumming out. His messmates need to find some discreet ways of showing him that they're not bothered (assuming they aren't?) and make him feel more at ease - but do it all very discretely. For example avoid jokes about soaps on ropes until after he comes out - if indeed he is gay - and is comfy with it.
No, its a "stoker" with little or no training, sent into the fleet to be trained properly by the people who have no time to do so. A cost cutting measure that makes life more dangerous for all.

When said MEMOC gets to the dizzy heights of killick, he or she can elect to become a POMEM(M) or POMEM(L).

If POMEM(L) is chosen, then said POMEM(L) will join a unit with little or no experience to go with little or no training and make life even more dangerous and so the cycle continues.

Oh, apparently, they are now "technicians", but refer to the above!

MEMOW is a MEM who is On Watch