Is Monty dead??

He is probably getting his frock ready for the floral dance. He likes to put a lot of effort into it so he looks the best

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Rumrat said he was touring the UK in a caravan, he's gone quiet, wonder if he's made it to Cornwall yet. Is this a coincidence now Monty has disappeared as well.....conspiracy theories welcome.


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Official statement from the Palisse family says he has been killed by angry Cornish separatists.

I'm sure more information about the disembowelment with a pitchfork will appear as investigations progress.
I hear it was 'Captain Incredible' (JD's Bro) what done him in - in Cornwall....JD's had enough. Hear 'Monty' fell under a train, JD's Bro pushing him onto the tracks.... in some god forsaken, Cornish railway station that time (but not Captain Incredible) forgot. :twisted:
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Well...Wot appen'd was....

Monty was hitch hiking to St Ives for the tri annual "welcome a new branch to the family tree" shindig in his floral pattern dress when this big Rasta towing a caravan fella pulled up in his BMW and gave him a lift.

Word is Monty is now called the "Kernow Cuz" and is being sold for sexual favours. He's a big hit with the women who are fed up with shagging their brothers and even the kernish men reckon he can suck a cock better than their own mothers.
Yes. He's dead.

He got bummed to death by a horde of Mongolians decended from the Great Khan himself when he declared that Ghengis was a bit of a gayer who preferred horses and had the tactical nounce of an RAF clerk. He will be mourned.
Bloody open borders...Mongolians in Cornwall!!! Is no where safe? Sounds like a job for 'Captain Incredible'...last seen loitering indolently at Bodmin Parkway Railway Station in his constant pursuit of fame.!
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