Is mob justice the purest form of democracy?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nails, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. I think it is! The courts are failing us and injustice prevails. People with lots of money are getting off and bent coppers are framing inocent geezers for their own ends. The people with power are corrupt and worst still trials are held in a cold and "by the book" manner with no warmth or emotional involvement with the offense at hand. As such sex pests are being given a fine and community service because "the book sez so".

    Surely it would be better to empower the people and throw criminals to the mob? Mob justice is pure and fair. The majority vote ALWAYS wins and democracy prevails.

    In medieval times if a thief or rapist was caught in the village. The villagers would lynch him and do him over. That's the way it should be.

    I think society underestimates the intelegence of the people. When I talk about mob justice I'm not necessarily talking about a drunken rabble armed with pitch forks. The people are more than capable of looking at the evidendce but they have a distinct advantage of being closer to the case than a random jury do.

    When I was younger someone put the windows through with house bricks at me mums house. Me and my mates got together and we instantly suspected who was behind the attack. However, we didn't just run down to the house of the person we THOUGHT was responsible and smash his windows aswell. We asked about on the street and found out for sure who was responsible ... then we went and bricked his windows. This is an example of mob justice. The people sorting their own sh1t out.

    Mob rule is something that flourishes in every community ... just not officially. I think it's time to make it official and see a bit of justice for once. Let us strike a blow for the people and for democracy.
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    For you, definitely... :spam2:
  3. :D
  4. Anyone else remember when the intelligent mob harassed a poor man because they heard that he was a Paediatrician?
    Yes they were part of the Nails Intelligentsia from local chav estate.
  5. I remember something of that incident, I remember it was somewhere in Pompey but I could be mistaken but I remember the incident
  6. As I recall it was in Wales,silly really isnt it!
  7. One in wales; Male, and one in Paulsgrove near Pompey; Female.
  8. Anyone who saw what happened to Corporal Howes and Corporal Wood would know the answer to this is no.
  9. Mob Justice? We already have it, it`s called the Police, another one has been caught on tape beating the shit out of someone. Does anyone really believe that we do not have a Police State?, all Emails and Mobile calls are now recorded, for any Council, Police Force or Government body to dip into as they wish. Enjoy your freedom while you can.
  10. be interesting to see the upshot of that copper that knocked that bloke over at that protest thingy,its on video ,looks an open n shut case to me
  11. I thought I remembered there was one somewhere around Pompey
  12. Mob Justice democratic?
    I always found the phrase "Do you accept my punishment?" to be fair.
    Yes? A few days RPs and a fine .
    No? Oooopps, see the Court Martial Monday morning.
    Can't say fairer than that.


    As for civvy Mob justice there's a chavmong 'putertroll I've got a noose for. :twisted:
  13. As a lad, I watched the Sunday teatime Dickens drama, Tale of Two Cities, on the telly. That had all the marks of mob rule and it scared the hell out of me.

    Mob rule may look attractive if you identify with the mob; but not so if you become part of the collateral damage. The system we have may look pretty s**t on many occasions but it’s probably not as bad as many of the alternatives.

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