Is Jack the Lad a Walt?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by slim, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. With the absence of the Walt Finder General I am moved to step into her place.

    After reading many of Jack the Lads postings have come to the conclusion that he is either not in the RN or is a very new member of the service.

    His repeatedly asks of questions concerning lady sailors which if serving he would know the answers to and for someone supposedly with 21 years service he has no maturity.

    Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 5:24 pm Post subject: Re: Failed RAF Medical


    Slim I've been in the mob for 21 years and im a CPO(ETME) about to retire next year.

    So please read his postings and come to your own conclusions:

    His postings may be found here:

    Are his postings really those of a CPO(ETME) with 21 years service?
  2. Its CPO ET(ME) not CPO(ETME)
    If he was straight he would know that.
    I don't think he's done 21 months let alone 21 years.
  3. Surely if he had done 21 years he would be a Chief Tiff?
  4. They all changed over mate.
  5. But as pointed out in another thread he mentioned when he was in the mob Stating he no longer was serving lol
  6. I'm sure you lads are capable of working it out
  7. And I'm certain that we alredy have :w00t:
  8. Do any of you actually care what he is?

    Life is too short for varks.
  9. I'm afraid not, you know I've been in 21 years however you still seem to believe that I'm either 'Nails' (definately no match) or some other newbie. Congratulations..........
  10. I can back the lad up
  11. Why would you ask wether there's any fit wrens in the RN nowadays if you're still in?
  12. Due to the fact shippers that I don't get to work with the ladys- and I was refering to the 'newbie' Wrens.
  13. You spelt whether wrong mate.
  14. And you spelt Ladies incorrectly :thumright:

    Jack if you're a CPO with 21 years service then my Dicks a Bloater.

    I somehow don't think that I'll be shouting"Fish for tea"
  15. Not sure i'd let you work with Wrens - sexual harassment forms would take weeks to deal with. :thumright:
  16. lol fair one mate
  17. I found this very funny Slim - in fact ALBOWCO.

    Oh - my view is he's a troll thingy defo. Wait and see...
  18. Can we all say 'Hello Norman'
  19. Quite, and anyway, anyone worth their salt knows that there aren't any Wrens nowadays!! Haven't been since 1st November 1993!! :crying: Although I believe they kept the 'W' for a while in their rate.
  20. As pointed out before!

    If you were still in why say this?


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