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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stefan_grainger, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. That there are no breathing apparatus kept for each person in there sleeping deck? I understand there are survival suits available and if they were to flood fast your likely to be killed.

    This is just “hear-say†but how true is this?
  2. That's true. That is why they demand a certain level of fitness so you can run up on deck and jump over the side before it goes down.

    Of course, that's not much help if your already at 300 feet in a boat, but neither is a bloody breathing mask if she's going down.
  3. shippers - let me tell you how it is - above each bunk is a tube, this tube connects to an air supply which is run off the ships engines.

    in the event of sengine failure then large resovoirs of emergency air take over.

    its like the air mask on an aeroplane - pull to activate. then you lay in your bed and await rescue. current timings allow about a week of air so you should be okay.


    if you are found using the tube when its not an emergency then stand by for Cdr's table.

    i took a wren to table on my last ship for that reason. another jenny was licking her clout whilst in her bunk and the wren wished to recreate the twos up feeling by giving the tube a good blowjob.
  4. I don't believe you! :mrgreen:
  5. why not -im a bloody good shag - hence my name
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Back on track.

    There is escape breathing apparatus on all surface ships located in each messdeck (Bunkspace). None of them are designed to be used underwater - they are there to allow you to breathe whilst you escape from smoke-filled compartments, nothing else.

    A warship is designed to go to war and when you do, everyone is supposed to be at a designated Action Station, not in their bed. (Yep, we all know that some naughty people do, but they shouldn't).

    If the hole is that big in your messdeck that you need sub-aqua breathing aparatus to escape, then the odds are that whatever made the hole probably killed you when it went "BNAG".

    You'll be pleased to hear, that unlike WWI, we no longer lock people into their designated compartments when at Action stations, so if a lot of oggin enters your compartment, you use the escape hatch or conventional hatch to exit. (I know, I've tried it for real & it appears to have worked adequately).
  7. You obv. didn't know our CHOP(S), only way he could keep us from not going on 'walk-a-bouts' :dwarf:
  8. Excuse meeeee A wafus action station is in his pit. Thats why we joined the branch
  9. they didnt invent PARTIAL TAG for f*ck all. if i dont get my 8 hours pissing up in the bar every night - i mean sleep - then an aircraft could crash, if the rest of the fleet dont get some downtime what could happen,

    soup on the floor from the stewards, a broken pencil from the writer, dinner completely fuc*in ruined (sarcasm switch off) from the chefs, some dabber paints the ships side medium sea grey instaed of light sea grey.

    i could go on

    etc etc

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