is it true?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Guest, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. on the navy website is says you can do a range of thisng from a warfare spec to a comms spec without any gcse's, is this true? thanks
  2. If that's what the Navy website says then yep it's true mate!
  3. You don't need GCSE's because naval training is so good. When I was in the RNXS I learned more on a day long Comms training course than I had learned in a month at school! I still have a very high regard for it - though it may have changed a bit since the early 1990s.
  4. The navies approach to training is very good. If you join a branch with no formal qualification requirements you will receive all the training that you require to allow you to do the job.

    This will be classroom based then supervised on the job training. In some trades you will be tested for all standard learning barriers as part of the NVQ key skills and helped and coached as required to reach the required level.
  5. And of course during your time alongside (ie when not at sea) you will be part of the Waterfront Manning Organisation, and should have the time to study for your GCSEs anyway.
  6. I can help you study for your exams if you want!

    I am exoerienced in the Intelligence branch but am currently away on my ship in Iran.

    Do you have a sister BTW ?

  7. Some bloody use you are!You cant spell! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. The navy must be getting desperate to take recruits without GCSEs. In this day and age the exams are so easy that not to get any must be almost impossible. Maybe the RN could get the education department to introduce a few more options like:
    GCSE Plate Laying
    GCSE Deck Painting
    GCSE A Level Bed making
    GCSE A Level Heads operative

    More relevent subjects releventto the RN please
  9. GCSE Scran Processer
    GCSE Paint Chipper (Exterior Work)
    GCSE Paint Chipper (Interior Work)
    GCSE Galley Slave (alias Steward)
  10. GCSE Passageway polisher
  11. Seriously though you don't need any GCSEs to join but you do need to pass the aptitude tests.

    Also, you can't get promoted beyond a certain level unless you've got maths and English.

    The navy will help you to get them though.

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